Friday Face Off: White covers

Friday Face Off

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This week, the theme is “White covers”

As I read a lot of French books I encounter many white covers, as often French books don’t really have illustrated covers.
But it’s hard sometimes to find other editions and compare covers.
So I went with a delightful Japanese novel: A Cat, A Man, and Two Women, an awesome classic, and short too – great to introduce you to a famous Japanese author.

Click on the picture if you want to identify the various editions


Friday Face Off white cover


This was a fun exercise.
I read the book in its white cover the one listed first here. No other cover is white, but we do find a couple of white cats.
I’m amazed at actually all the various colors used for this book, with startling colors in #4, or a gorgeous landscape in #5.
I think my favorite is actually #8 (Romanian edition), with the focus on the cat’s eye, where you can guess that this cat is quite foxy! Fits perfectly with the story.

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Have you read this book?
Next Friday: a scifi written on or before 1975