Armchair BEA 2013: Literary fiction

Armchair BEA

Day 3:  Literary Fiction

Day 1 was a total blast for me with Introductions.
Day 2 was about Blog Development
Day 3 is also giveaway day – don’t miss my post, I have 4 books for grab!

What books have you read this year that would fit into this category? Is there anything coming up that you’re particularly excited about? What authors/novels would you recommend to someone new to the genre? Are there any misconceptions or things that you’d like to clear up for people unfamiliar with literary fiction? What got you started into this kind of book? Name a novel that hasn’t received a lot of buzz that definitely deserves it.”


I love literature and have studied it for many years, both in French and in English. I have a passion for words, and a book can highly satisfy me even if there’s basically no plot, only great use of words, great descriptions, you know like a very slow contemplative movie where nothing really happens but you are grabbed to live in that world.

Here are some of my favorites reviewed in this blog, by alphabetical order of titles.
Click on the book covers to access my reviews:

1q84 all is forgotten

1. Murakami: simply one of my favorite authors

2. beautifully crafted by an author who went through the Iowa workshop, you can feel it

Bel Canto elegance of the hedgehog

3. great ambiance!

4. cool reflections of a young “philosopher”, and the movie is awesome!

ella minnow pea everything beautiful began after

5. so clever book with pangrams!

6. hauntingly beautiful!

evolution_of_bruno_littlemore  if on a winter's night

7. enter the mind of a monkey, really cool!

8. ah the great Calvino, like an exercise here in all kinds of literary forms

Three Lives Tomomi Tree of man

9. You love Murakami and Calvino? you have to try Benjamin Constable, book coming out June 4th, read my ecstatic review!

10. well maybe it’s a classic, but I enjoyed so much the writing as the author made me live in Australia in the bush for a lifetime