It looks like I have not posted for that meme since last November!

I’m already 9 books behind as for review writing, that’s the problem when you read a lot and quickly.

Also, I have at least 2 TBR, and am losing track…

But I have very recently gotten into the habit of updating my TBR directly n Goodreads, and I realize I could just post here let’s say the last 5 titles I ran into and thought worthy of entering my TBR.

so here you are, 5 titles for your week-end; the neat thing is that you can read about it quickly by clicking on the Goodreads links!


 The Left Hand of Darkness, by Guin, Ursula K. Le
I’m ashamed to admit I have not read any book yet by this great author!

From the Mouth of the Whale, by Sjón
I found this on Goodreads: “Achingly brilliant, an epic made mad, made extraordinary.”—Junot Díaz”Hallucinatory, lyrical, by turns comic and tragic, this extraordinary novel should make Sjón an international name. His evocation of seventeenth century Iceland through the eyes of a man born before his time has stuck in my mind like nothing else I’ve read in the last year.”—
I plan to read it for the book I need to read on Iceland [52 countries reading challenge]

We, by Zamyatin, Yevgeny
Another big classic, in sci-fi, that I have never read!


Travels With Charley: In Search of America, by Steinbeck, John
I love Steinbeck, and that will definitely be this title next time I turn to him

Translating Lives: Living with Two Languages and Cultures, by Besemeres, Mary
Recommended by a blogger who loves languages. seems fascinating:
Recounting the personal experiences of 12 bilingual Australians, this immensely moving collection of stories shows how immersion in two overlapping cultures affects one demonstrate the intrinsic links between language, culture, and identity.

Now, if you need more tiles, you can have a look at what I’m currently reading ion the right bar here.
You can also check the list of the 18 books I have already read since Jan 1st
And look at possible titles I’m considering for my many reading challenges.

And so, what book will you be reading
or listening to this coming week-end?