Bout of Books 21: Day 4 challenge

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Bout of Books 21:
Day 4 challenge


We all have our bookish favorites so why don’t we share?
Share with us! Here’s a list to get you started. Answer as many or as few as you like.

  • Audiobook narrator
  • Illustrator
  • Series
  • Bookish blog
  • Vlogger
  • Favorite library (librarian)
Thanks to the Minx for today’s challenge.

AUDIOBOOK NARRATORS – yes, I need  a plural here

Simon Vance used to be all on all bloggers’ list of favorites, mine included, but I haven’t listened to anything by him for a while.

  • Ralph Cosham: very missed narrator of Louise Penny’s series, the best Armand Gamache ever! In fact, I have switched to reading the series after he passed away

  • Wil Wheaton: I have only listened to him once, BUT his performance made it the BEST audiobook I have ever listened to, so he needs to be here!

  • In 2017, I listened to all of Sherlock Holmes, with Simon Prebble, so so good!

You are going to tell me, where are the women? Well, sorry to say, I have not been awed by a female narrator recently. In fact, I have already DNFed an audiobook this yes, because I could not stand the female narrator.


My favorite right now is definitely the one by Louise Penny mentioned above. I am actually planning a post on the series and on my visit to Three Pines!


I follow a lot of blogs, and many I really really enjoy. The one that comes first to mind, for the excellent reviews and choice of books is BookerTalk


I do watch some vlogs here and there, but none comes to mind right now. By the way, do you know mine?
BUT my favorite TV literary program is La Grande Librairie. Imagine, 2 hours at 8:30 pm on one of the major French channels!
And my public library, is definitely my favorite library, or possibly my second residence!
My favorite online library is Goodreads.
My favorite book club is the one I founded 6 years ago for my block. We meet once a month, and each time each member (between 8 to 12 members, men and women, sometimes even more men than women!) shares about the book he/she has read during the previous month. Talk about diversity!



2017: my year with Sherlock Holmes

  The Complete Sherlock Holmes  a-curious-collection-of-dates The Sherlock Holmes Book

2017: my year with Sherlock Holmes

As part of the Classics Club, I had decided to read The Hound of the Baskervilles. Well, as I usually tend not to do things halfway, lol, I thought I might as well read all the works about Sherlock Holmes. I actually ended up LISTENING to them, as my experience is that most mysteries are actually much better as audiobooks. Thanks to my library, I was able to listen on Hoopla to all the novels and short stories narrated by the amazing Simon Prebble.
I decided to listen to them in their order of publication.

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Armchair Book Expo Day 1: Introductions and Best Practices

Armchair Book Expo

Armchair Book Expo Day 1:


Armchair Book Expo is back, with a new name. It looks like this is the 4th time I’m doing it, and last year I got to participate “live”, as it was in Chicago, in my corner of the world.

Ok, let’s start. Thanks to our awesome team, who came up with a short and sweet list of prompts for our Introductions. Neat!

I am . . .

Emma, a book blogger since 2010. I’m actually French. I teach French online and I also translate books from English to French, among other things.

Currently . . .

I’m in a middle of a fun audio project: I’m listening to the complete works of Sherlock Holmes, following the chronological order of publication. I have chosen Simon Prebble as a narrator, he’s excellent.
It’s  a wonderful experience, neat to see the evolution of the stories.

I love . . .

…reading, birding, hiking

My favorite . . .

…genres, right now, are historical mysteries and foreign literature (thrillers, literary fiction)

My least favorite . . .

…genre is romance

My current reads . . .


My summer plans . . .

Hiking and birding in the National Shawnee Forest

My blog/channel/social media . . .

Words And Peace is on Facebook,  Twitter, Google+Goodreads, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube

The best . . .

…thriller I have read this month is:

After the Crash

Best Practices

Best Practices in the Online Book Community: Let’s talk about our best practices within the book community. This can range from time management to the use of social media to even ethical obligations. 

I don’t have much time, so just a few things I think important right now, and that I do or aim at doing better:

  • visit other book bloggers and leave comment, or at least click on the “Like” button – unfortunately, some bloggers don’t have this feature on

  • absolutely go visit the blog of someone who left a comment at my place, and leave a comment on one of their posts. This is a regular practice for me

  • back up your blog on a regular basis

  • try to schedule ahead

  • write a review as soon as you finish a book – I’m not there yet!!

  • share on Instagram a picture of a new book I start reading – lots of improvement, but I would like to do this regularly

  • keep your blog as something fun, do not compare to what others do

  • be an active BookTuber!! Hmm, when was my last video??

  • etc.,

  • looking forward to reading what YOUR best practices are