Book review: Okamoto Kido: Master of the Uncanny

Master of the Uncanny

Okamoto Kido:
Master of the Uncanny
Selected and translated by Nancy H. Ross
168 pages
10/10/2020, by Kurodahan Press
Short stories
– originally publisghed between 1897 and 1931

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It counts for The Classics Club

This is a wonderful collection of slightly spooky stories inspired by old legends –we even meet a few samurai.
There are ghosts, or possible evocation of ghosts, and possible elements of horror, but it’s all done with subtlety and even poetry. They are sometimes gloomy, but not hair raising scary. So I think the title given to the collection as Okamoto Kido: Master of the Uncanny is very well said.

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Book review: Killer, Come Back to Me: The Crime Stories of Ray Bradbury

Killer Come Back to Me

Killer, Come Back to Me:
The Crime Stories of Ray Bradbury,
by Ray Bradbury
Hard Case Crime
330 pages
Crime fiction / Classic / Short stories


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Last year, to honor Ray Bradbury’s 100th birthday, Hard Case Crime decided to publish a new collection of his short stories. Killer, Come Back to Me is unique, as it features his crime stories, something you may not expect from Bradbury if you are only familiar with his most famous books.
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Book review: To Hold Up the Sky

To Hold Up the Sky

To Hold Up the Sky,
by Cixin Liu
Various translators
from the Chinese

Tor Books
336 pages
Science Fiction


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I discovered Cixin Liu a couple of years ago and was totally blown away by Supernova Era.
This time, I would like to present the latest collection of his science-fiction short stories: To Hold Up the Sky.

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