Book review: The Ship, The Saint, and The Sailor

The Ship the Saint and the SailorThe Ship, the Saint, and the Sailor:
The Long Search for the Legendary Kad’yak
by  Bradley G. Stevens
Alaska Northwest Books

Genre: Nonfiction/History & Biography
Pages: 280



As an Orthodox Christian, I’m always interested in books related to saints. Apart from the obvious hagiography, there are some really good novels, such as The Mirrored World, a historical novel based on the life of Saint Xenia, and the amazing YA Icon. So when I saw The Ship, The Saint, and The Sailor had something to do with Saint Herman of Alaska, I jumped on board.
Apart from the original story, or legend according to others, there’s actually not much on Saint Herman in this nonfiction. Though of course, there would be no such book without Saint Herman. But anyway, I found the book really fascinating. Here is what this is all about.

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