Book review: Three Hours in Paris

Three Hours in Paris

Three Hours in Paris
by Cara Black
Narrated by
Elisabeth Rodgers
Recorded Books
Soho Press
US release date 5/7/2020
360 pages
Audio 5/23/20

Historical mystery
Spy mystery/WWII


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When the new to me audiobook service contacted me (have a look, they have some great offers, especially if you already review audiobooks on your blog; and you can support your independent bookseller too), and when I saw they had a new release by Cara Black, I thought it would be a good way of testing their service. But Three Hours in Paris went far beyond my expectations.

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Book review: The Missing Sister

The Missing Sister

The Missing Sister,
by  Elle Marr
Thomas & Mercer

300 pages


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The Missing Sister by Elle Marr is a thrilling debut, set in Paris, where one twin sister has seemingly vanished, and the other must scramble to solve the mystery and find her sister before the danger turns deadly.

Elle Marr is far from being the first author to choose the Catacombs of Paris as her setting. And yet, in her debut, The Missing Sister, she manages to create a very atmospheric thriller with gripping scenes that will cause shivers.

VERDICT: The Missing Sister is a very promising debut—atmospheric, gripping, and set in Paris. In other words, the perfect ingredients for a satisfying result.

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What’s your favorite novel featuring the Catacombs?


Review and Giveaway: Goodbye Paris

Goodbye ParisGoodbye Paris
by Mike Bond

Release date: June 11, 2019
at Big City Press

ISBN: paperback: 978-1-949751-02-4
ISBN ebook: 978-1-949751-03-1

Website | Goodreads

I often rant against tourists who go gaga over Paris and France, and many novels play with that romantic view of anything French. France is nice for tourists, but living there day in day out can actually turn into a very different story.
Well, if there’s one positive thing we can highlight about Goodbye Paris, is that the author certainly doesn’t present a rosy and touristy picture of Paris.

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