Six degrees of separation: from a redhead to an alien head


Six degrees of separation:
from a redhead to an alien head

I had another great fun with this one, especially seeing where I landed. Read below to understand my final book.

Using my own rules for this fun meme hosted by Kate at Booksaremyfavouriteandbest (see there the origin of the meme and how it works – posted the first Saturday of every month).

Here are my own quirky rules:

1. Use your list of books on Goodreads
2. Take the first word of the title (or in the subtitle) offered and find another title with that word in it
3. Then use the first word of THAT title to find your text title
4. Or the second if the title starts with the same word, or you are stuck

  Redhead by the side of the road  Red Handed

  The Kissing Hand A Kiss Before Dying

  the night before Binti The Night Masquerade

1. Redhead by the Side of the Road
A book longlisted for the Booker. I haven’t read it and don’t intend to.
“Micah Mortimer is a creature of habit. A self-employed tech expert, superintendent of his Baltimore apartment building seems content leading a steady, circumscribed life. But one day his routines are blown apart when his woman friend tells him she’s facing eviction, and a teenager shows up at Micah’s door claiming to be his son.
These surprises, and the ways they throw Micah’s meticulously organized life off-kilter, risk changing him forever.”

2. Red Handed
This is actually a thriller I was asked to translate into French!
Katerina has a knack for getting herself stuck into impossible situations, and dangerous on top of it. More than once the reader wants to shout to her, no, don’t do that!
If she trusted more her boyfriend and his advice, she might fare better, but there would be less adventures for the reader!
Her tribulations usually happen outside her professional activities, but she still uses her gifts as a forensic accountant to scent trouble and to expose the bad guys (and gals).
There are good scenes of suspense.

3. The Kissing Hand
VERDICT: A cute little story


4. A Kiss Before Dying
A classic (1953) mystery I actually haven’t read yet, but it’s been on my list
A Kiss Before Dying not only debuted the talent of best-selling novelist Ira Levin to rave reviews, it also set a new standard in the art of mystery and suspense. Now a modern classic, as gripping in its tautly plotted action as it is penetrating in its exploration of a criminal mind, it tells the shocking tale of a young man who will stop at nothing–not even murder–to get where he wants to go. For he has dreams; plans. He also has charm, good looks, sex appeal, intelligence. And he has a problem. Her name is Dorothy; she loves him, and she’s pregnant. The solution may demand desperate measures. But, then, he looks like the kind of guy who could get away with murder. Compellingly, step by determined step, the novel follows this young man in his execution of one plan he had neither dreamed nor foreseen. Nor does he foresee how inexorably he will be enmeshed in the consequences of his own extreme deed.”


5. The Night Before
VERDICT: Strong psychological thriller, with nice twists and complex characters.

6. The Night Masquerade (the link goes to my short 8 minutes video about it on Instagram)
This is in the genre Africanfuturism.
Totally original and fascinating mix, and I have devoured this and the previous two books in the series.
It’s about a Himba girl, going to attend a university on another planet. S it’s a mix of African cultural elements and science fiction! I don’t think I could find more diverse than that!

The connection with the head is that Himba women have amazing hairdos, and on this other planet, the girl discovers creatures with very weird heads!


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2021: January wrap-up

January 2021 WRAP-UP

I can’t believe it’s already time for the first wrap up of the year!
End of January and beginning of February usually mean more snow in Chicagoland, and this is definitely happening, with 8 inches in 24 hours at my place.
So let’s go back under the covers and read!
I have been starting slow as for number of pages, but I am happy with these stats, and also with the fact that I have almost reviewed all the titles I meant to review. Doing short reviews for the Sunday Post has been helping a lot.

📚 So here is what I read in January:

13 books:
8 in print 
with 1,728 pages, a daily average of 55 pages/day
5 in audio
= 26H22
, a daily average of 51 minutes

4 in literary fiction:

  1. Les grands cerfs, by Claudie Hunzinger – French ebook for review
  2. The Sound of Waves, by Yukio Mishima – for The Classics Club,  the Japanese Reading Challenge 14, and the Books in Translation Challenge
  3. Some Prefer Nettles, by Junichiro Tanizaki – for The Classics Club,  the Japanese Reading Challenge 14, and the Books in Translation Challenge
  4. NP, by Banana Yoshimoto – for the Japanese Reading Challenge 14, and the Books in Translation Challenge

4 in mystery:

  1. Death in the Clouds (Hercule Poirot #12), by Agatha Christie – audiobook, for The Classics Club
  2. The ABC Murders (Hercule Poirot #13), by Agatha Christie – audiobook, for The Classics Club
  3. C’est arrivé la nuit, by Marc Levy – French audiobook
  4. Stone Killer, by Dennis M. Day

3 in nonfiction:

  1. The Book of Psalms – audiobook, for The Classics Club
  2. The Book of Job – audiobook, for The Classics Club
  3. The Romanov Sisters, by Helen Rappaport

1 in science-fiction:

  1. The Night Masquerade, by Nnedi Okorafor

1 in historical fiction:

  1. Gaspard, by Dennis M. Day – short story project by a friend


  The sound of waves Stone Killer


Classics Club: 13/137 (from November 2020-until November 2025)
Japanese Literature Challenge: 3 books 

Total of books read in 2021 = 12/120
Number of books added to my TBR this past month = 17


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How was YOUR month of January?

Nicole at Feed Your Fiction Addiction
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Thanks Nicole!

Bout of Books 30: Day 6 recap


Day 6 recap

Bout of Books 30
This is my 17th participation in #boutofbooks

The Bout of Books readathon is organized
by Amanda Shofner and Kelly Rubidoux Apple.
It’s a weeklong readathon that begins Monday, January 4th
and runs through Sunday, January 10th in YOUR time zone.
Bout of Books is low-pressure.
There are reading sprints, Twitter chats,
and exclusive Instagram challenges,
but they’re all completely optional
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visit the Bout of Books blog
. – From the Bout of Books team


Here is what I read on DAY 6:
Finally a very good reading day. though I totally forgot the Instagram challenge. As for the reading-in-place, I actually find rather disrupting: if I’m really into a book, I don’t look at the time. And why bother put an alarm to stop in 30 minutes?
I won’t have much time to read today.

  1. The Romanov Sisters = 102 pages
  2. Les grands cerfs = 19 pages
  3. Audiobook: C’est arrivé la nuit = 23 minutes = 20

Total for Day 6:  141 pages
TOTAL so far:  392/525


Here is what I read on DAY 5:
This week wasn’t as planned, lol, I guess that’s life. I read a bit more today, just barely above the average I had as daily goal

  1. The Romanov Sisters = 38 pages
  2. Les grands cerfs = 11 pages
  3. Audiobook: C’est arrivé la nuit = 30 minutes = 29

Total for Day 5:  78 pages
TOTAL so far:  251/525


Here is what I read on DAY 4:
I forgot that the first Bout of Books of the year is always difficult, because it’s the week I celebrate my own Christmas (Christian Orthodox Nativity, on January 7), so more Church time, and less reading.

  1. The Romanov Sisters = 29 pages

Total for Day 4:  29 pages
TOTAL so far:  173 /525


Here is what I read on DAY 3:
Another unusual day, so little reading done

  1. Audiobook: The Book of Psalms = 1H16  = 27 pages – FINISHED
  2. The Romanov Sisters = 18 pages

Total for Day 3:  45 pages
TOTAL so far:  164 /525


Here is what I read on DAY 2:
Well, unexpected eye doctor visit, so afterwards I couldn’t really read. So instead I only listened to my current audiobook for an hour.

  1. Audiobook: The Book of Psalms = 1H  = 23  pages

Total for Day 2:  23 pages
TOTAL so far:  119/525


Here is what I read on DAY 1:

  1. Gaspard =  23 pages – FINISHED
  2. The Romanov Sisters:= 22 pages
  3. Les grands cerfs = 15 pages
  4. Audiobook: The Book of Psalms = 1H54  = 36  pages

Total for Day 1:  96 pages
TOTAL so far:  96/525

📚 I did the 9:30 p.m. reading-in-place
And the Instagram challenge


I’m setting my goal at 525 pages, that is, 75 pages per day. 

Here are the books I plan to read from. Some I’m currently reading.

  1. The Romanov Sisters: The Lost Lives of the Daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra (The Romanov Sisters #2), by Helen Rappaport
  2. Gaspard, a short story sent by a friend for review – FINISHED
  3. Les Grands Cerfs, by Claudie Hunzinger
  4. Psalm 118: Commentary by Theophan the Recluse
  5.  Audiobook: The Book of Psalms (Bible) FINISHED
  6. Audiobook: C’est arrivé la nuit, by Marc Levy


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