Top Ten Books or Covers that Feel/Look Like Summer

Top Ten Books or Covers
that Feel/Look Like Summer

TTT for June 6

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Oops, haven’t participated since January!
I’m going simple here, with books on my Goodreads shelves that have the word SUMMER in the title.

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6 books that I enjoyed a lot:

Summer of Reckoning Summer of France Prodigal Summer

The Summer of the Danes Spear of Summer Grass

4 books on my TBR:

A Midsummer's equation The Summer Book Towards Another Summer

Also on my TBR, it contains the word ‘été’, which is the French for ‘summer’:Dix heures et demie du soir en été

Available in English as: 10:30 on a Summer Night

Have YOU read
or are YOU planning to read any of these?
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so I can visit.


Top Ten Book Titles with Numbers In Them: French version

Top Ten Books Book
Titles with French Numbers In Them

TTT for September 14, 2021


Fun! I suggested this theme for #TopTenTuesday on October 1st, 2019, and I realize it’s back!
So to avoid featuring some of the same books, I’m going to do what I did two years ago (picking numbers 1-10), but in French this time!

I’m listing books that I have read, and that you probably not have heard about, for the most part.

Please click on the covers to access my reviews in English
I added the English cover when I know the book is available in English


Un Trou dans la toile


Il était deux fois


  trois-jours-et-une-vie three-days-and-a-life


Concerto pour quatre mains


Cinq cartes brulées


I haven’t read this one yet, it’s on my TBR

The Sixth Extinction



  La septième fonction du langage The Seventh Function of Language


 Le Village aux huit tombes The Village of Eight Graves

Neuf can mean 9, but also new!

The Song Peddler

I haven’t read this one yet either, on my TBR

  10.30 on a Summer Night

Have you read any of these?
Show me your list!

Cadeau pour mes élèves

 moderato-cantabile   la-nuit-sacree

Cadeau pour mes élèves

J’ai un petit cadeau pour mes élèves. Désolée, seuls peuvent participer ceux qui ont une adresse aux États-Unis.
J’ai ces deux livres d’occasion en français, des classiques.

S’ils vous intéressent,
cliquez ici pour participer au concours