Book review: Under the Channel


Under the Channel

A quirky thriller à la française.

Friday night in London. John, 45, is considering spending a week-end in Paris. But he hesitates a lot and drinks as he tries to make up his mind to go or not to go.

Working as an estate agent, John is well-to-do, but the Lehman Brothers scandal is starting a financial crisis. He seems to have other shadows looming other him, with his numerous encounters of male partners. Although he enjoys the freedom of having no permanent attachment, John also feels lonely.

Totally drunk, he finally takes the very last train from London to Paris. Midway Under the Channel, the train suddenly stops and all lights go out.


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Book review: A Beautiful Blue Death

A Beautiful Blue Death

A Beautiful Blue Death

I don’t think this could be a spoiler, so I’m jumping in by saying how neat it was when I realized this was not about a beautiful death that was blue, but about a death by beautiful blue! Really cool!
You will of course have to read the book to understand what I’m talking about.

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Book review: The Lake House

02_The Lake House

The Lake House

by Kate Morton

Publication Date:
October 20, 2015
Atria Books
Hardcover & eBook
512 Pages

Historical Fiction

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Kate Morton is one of my favorite contemporary female writers. After falling in love with The Forgotten Garden, I have read all her other books. I have organized a read-along for The House at Riverton and reviewed here The Distant Hours and The Secret Keeper. She is one of the rare authors I will read blindly, whatever she writes, without a peak at the synopsis or reviews.

So I am thrilled to present to you today her latest novel, The Lake House.

It has all the elements of Morton’s novels, smartly arranged together.
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