Blogger Book Prize

With all these Literary Awards coming our way in the Fall, I thought my readers should have some fun and choose to whom they would give…

…a Blogger Book Prize!

This is about the books you read and listened to in 2012; the works may have been published in 2012 or not, it does not matter.

This will be in 3 phases:

Phase 1: answer this survey between today and Dec 14 at midnight.

Phase 2: I will select the most recurrent titles you submitted, and you will have 1 week to vote for your favorite in each category. (Dec 15-Dec 21)

Phase 3: I will announce the winner in each category, and you will be invited (Dec 22-Dec 27) to send the link of your review for each, if you ever reviewed this title on your blog. I will add all your links in the post on the last days of the year.


So please fill in this form for Phase 1
between now and Dec 14 midnight