20 Books of Summer 2023

20 books of summer


Once again, 746books.com organizes a special challenge:

20 Books of Summer
June 1 – September 1st

I am back for my 4th participation.

So here is the file with my 20 books. Actually, I‘m listing only 15, as I want to leave room for spontaneous reading.
Last summer, I ended up reading 28 books, but only 16 were on my original list.

I color coded the genres:
as usual, a mix of nonfiction, literary fiction, science fiction, and mystery.
8 are classics.
As for the format, I may end up listening to some of these, depending on the availability through my public library.

Why these books?

  • 4 have been on my physical shelf for a while
  • The classics are for my Classics challenge
  • 2 are brand new French novels
  • 1 is for review
  • and 1 is for a buddy read, in French:
    if you are interested in reading Jules Verne’s classic in French, Voyage au centre de la terre, please join my Discord channel.

Here is my chart, feel free to copy the format if it’s of any help for you.

I will update it as I go along :

How many of these have you read?
Which one is your favorite?