Book review: Lean on Me

Lean On Me

Lean on Me,
by Serge Joncour.
Repose-toi sur moi
was first published in 2016.
Translated from the French by
Jane Aitken & Louise Rogers Lalaurie
Gallic Books
US release date 3/1/2022
384 pages
Literary fiction/Romance


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I had recently read two books by Serge Joncour, and was quite impressed by both: Wild Dog and Nature humaine, and by their strong message related to nature. Somehow, I was expecting a bit of the same from Lean on Me, but this time, the book is very different in genre and content. Click to continue reading

Book review: Wild Dog

Wild Dog

Wild Dog,
by Serge Joncour.
Chien-Loup [literally: Wolf-Dog]
was first published in 2018.
Translated from the French by
Jane Aitken & Polly Mackintosh
Gallic Books
US release date 4/2/2020
352 pages

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Nature writing is often thought as typically American. Today, I’d like to present an excellent example of this genre, but by a French author. I had never read anything by Serge Joncour, but his Wild Dog totally blew me away.
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