A month of favorites – 5 Fave “New to Me” Author Discoveries in 2015


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5 Fave “New to Me”
Author Discoveries
in 2015

Dec 10 is for
5 Fave “New to Me” Author Discoveries This Year #AMonthofFaves


I discovered Hamid Ismailov and Tomas Bannerhed during IFFP 2015.
Hamid Ismailov is a Russian author. The Dead Lake is a dramatic short novel haunting in its juxtaposition of beauty and sadness. I enjoy this tight writing where every word counts

Tomas Bannerhed is a Swedish author. The Ravens is a fabulous evocation of mental illness and loneliness, with nature and birding as possible refuges and ways of maintaining sanity. Gut-wrenching writing that has remained in me since I read it. Probably my best literary fiction of the year. I really like what he does with his characters and want to read more by him.

I have not yet reviewed The Art Forger, but I thoroughly enjoyed the writing by Barbara A. Shapiro. Mystery and art are so well combined in it. And happy me she just published another one!

I discovered American author Kathleen C. Perrin through France Book Tours. I highly recommend The Keys of the Watchmen to all lovers of historical suspense and Medieval France. It is funny, very smartly thought out, and packed with great information on Mont Saint Michel. Grab your key and follow Katie right now: time travel at its best on one of France most unique islands! Well, if you write about France and the Middle Ages, you will get on my list!

And so now to a French author also writing about the Middle Ages. I just discovered (I know, finally!) Andrea Japp, thanks to the generosity of Gallic Books. This first volume of The Lady Agnes Mystery is a suspenseful saga set in France in the 14th century, at the time of the dreadful Inquisition. Rich in historical details and ripe with secrets powerful enough to kill or to die for.

Saga gigantesque au temps de l’Inquisition, avec une bibliothèque secrète, un vieux livre dangereux, de l’astrologie, des messages codés, de quoi vous tenir sur le bord de votre chaise.
Les personnages attachants vous donnent envie de vous joindre à leur quête, même si nous ne savez pas très bien au début ce qui est vraiment en jeu.


IN 2015?


words and peace in the press

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Recently, Words And Peace reviews have been featured in a few places:

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At the beginning of the year, I was also featured in Printers’ Row, the literary part of the Chicago Tribune Newspaper. You give a list of the last book you read, and the Biblioracle suggests a title for you:


And last but not least, my own book got a very nice review on Goodreads:

review on my book

IFFP 2015: The Giraffe’s Neck

IFFP Shadow iffp2015logo


The Giraffe’s Neck

The Giraffe's Neck


The Giraffe’s Neck
by Judith Schalansky,
Shaun Whiteside

Hardcover, 224 pages
Published April 22nd 2014
by Bloomsbury USA
ISBN: 9781620403389



After my happy review of The Dead lake, here is a second book from the IFFP longlist that I had to DNF. So here are just a few thoughts on The Giraffe’s Neck.
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