Book review: Solving Cadence Moore

Solving Cadence MooreSolving Cadence Moore
by Gregory Sterner
Aperture Press
370 pages


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For once, I’m going to start my review with the official synopsis of the book Solving Cadence Moore:

How much will one man risk to solve the unsolvable?

Ten years ago, famous young singer Cadence Moore disappeared without a trace on a remote highway in western Pennsylvania. To this day her fate remains unknown. Was she kidnapped or murdered? Or did she simply run away in search of a new life, leaving behind the abuse and heartbreak that haunted her?

Charlie Marx, host of the popular conspiracy radio show “Underground Broadcast,” is obsessed with Cadence. Desperate to find her after deceiving his boss to save his job, he launches an investigation of his own, digging deep into the missing woman’s past and uncovering her darkest secrets. Working feverishly for weeks, he claims to have solved the mystery and promises to reveal Cadence’s fate at the end of a groundbreaking podcast series and live radio special.

But is it all a lie? As years of twisted details slowly unravel, Charlie races to solve the biggest mystery of the decade. If he succeeds, it will mean closure for Cadence. If he fails, his entire world will come crashing down live on air–and the truth may be lost forever.

Isn’t that tempting? I think we should start recognizing the art of synopsis writing, and name the talented writer behind this one and others. A cold case, a radio show investigating, promising to solve the mystery of the century, and risking his whole career in it? This sounded really good, and I accepted to receive the book and review it.

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