Book review: Love And Invention

Love and invention

Love And Invention

by  Benjamin Constable
Le Délirium
Release date 10/13/2018
Genre: Literary fiction
Pages: 323
ISBN: 979-1-091-63309-3


Buy the book: NB: the book will be mailed to you from France, but the publisher charges you national fees, as if you were living in France, not international fees! Support this awesome indie publisher!

Discover the author. There’s  a lot of extra material about this book on his site: great trailers, excerpts, Q&A


As the book is published by a small press, basically unknown in the US, Words And Peace is really happy to present to you something really unique, a hidden gem. To keep on your list for a special gift to yourself, or to friends!

I discovered Benjamin Constable five years ago with his Three Lives of Tomomi Ishikawa and really enjoyed his writing style. So when he contacted me a few weeks ago about his upcoming novel, I said yes right away! Love And Invention is set in France like his first book. Even though it’s written in English, it’s published by a small publisher in Avignon, Le Délirium, which is pretty cool – they did a great job with the cover as well, perfect for the book.
Le Délirium also organizes cultural events.

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Book review: Murder on the Quai – I love France 194

Murder on the Quai

Murder on the quai

Cara Black
Soho Crime

US Release date:
June 14, 2016
also available as ebook
Mystery/crime fiction




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I have already listened to several mysteries by Cara Black. They are very enjoyable, each one taking place in a different neighborhood of Paris. So it was thrilling to receive a free copy of Murder on the Quai at BEA, her latest volume in the series. It is a very special book, as it is actually the prequel to the whole series.
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