Mailbox Monday December 23, 2019

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Mailbox Monday


Wild Dog


Wild Dog,
by Serge Joncour
Translated from the French by 
Jane Aitken
Literary fiction
Release date 4/7/2020,
by Gallic Books

I received this book and the next through Meryl Zegarek Public Relations.

“It was as though some frenzied ritual were taking place up there in the woods, a savage brawl that seemed to be making its way towards them…
Seeking to escape the stresses of modern life, Franck and Lise, a Parisian couple who have made their living in the film industry, decide to rent out a cottage in the calm, quiet hills of the French Lot.
But nothing is quite what it seems. In this remote corner of the world, there is no phone signal. A wild dog emerges, looking for a new master. Ghosts of a dark, savage past run wild in these hills, where a mysterious German lion tamer took refuge in the First World War…
Franck and Lise are confronted with nature at its most brutal. And they are about to discover that man and beast have more in common than they think.”

A Hundred Million Years and a Day


A Hundred Million Years and a Day,
by Jean-Baptiste Andrea
Translated from the French by
Sam Taylor
Literary fiction
Release date 6/16/2020,
by Gallic Books

“Summer 1954. Stan has been hunting for fossils since the age of six. Now, having made a career out of studying the remains of tiny lifeforms, he hears a story he cannot forget: the skeleton of a huge creature, a veritable dragon, lies deep in an Alpine glacier. And he is determined to find it.

Leaving his life in Paris behind, Stan sets out in pursuit of a legend. But he is no mountaineer, and to attempt his dangerous expedition he must call on loyal friend and colleague Umberto, who arrives with an eccentric young assistant, and expert guide Gio. Time is short: the four men must descend before the weather turns. Bonds are forged and tested as the hazardous quest for the earth’s lost creatures becomes a journey into Stan’s own past.”


Mailbox Monday February 18

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Mailbox Monday


Vintage 1954

Vintage 1954:
US release date June 18
The great folks at Gallic Books sent this upcoming release by Antoine Laurain. I have read three books so far by this French author, and have especially enjoyed The President’s Hat.
Vintage 1954 promises to be fun, a kind of variation of the movie Midnight in Paris, though the characters end up in the 50s, not the 20s.
“When Hubert Larnaudie invites some fellow residents of his Parisian apartment building to drink an exceptional bottle of 1954 Beaujolais, he has no idea of its special properties. The following morning, Hubert finds himself waking up in 1950s Paris”.
And look at this cool cover!


Book review: Gallic Noir – Volume 1

Gallic Noir 1

Gallic Noir – Volume 1

It is always a new treat when Gallic publishes a new book. This time, this new volume, Gallic Noir – Volume 1,  allowed me to go on discovering the work of Pascal Garnier, this amazing French master of noir. I already presented four novels by him on this blog. Fortunately, I had not yet read any of the three stories included in this first volume.

Yes, Gallic is planning to publish more volumes on Garnier’s work!
Incidentally, it is interesting that gearing to the English speaking world, they feel the need to get a book close to 400 pages, and so they joined three of his novels in one volume.1

I have noticed Americans tend to think a 100 page novel can not really be called a novel.

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