Book review: The Martins

The Martins

The Martins,
by David Foenkinos
La famille Martin
was first published in 2020
Translated from the French by
Sam Taylor
Gallic Books
US release date 7/22/2022
248 pages
Literary fiction


David Foenkinos is a popular French author and screenwriter. Although he has already written about twenty novels, I only discovered him recently with Le Mystère Henri Pick, a fantastic novel on the world of books, writers, and publishers.
So I was thrilled to receive from Gallic Books his latest novel to be translated into English: The Martins, another excellent book on books.
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Book review: Lean on Me

Lean On Me

Lean on Me,
by Serge Joncour.
Repose-toi sur moi
was first published in 2016.
Translated from the French by
Jane Aitken & Louise Rogers Lalaurie
Gallic Books
US release date 3/1/2022
384 pages
Literary fiction/Romance


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I had recently read two books by Serge Joncour, and was quite impressed by both: Wild Dog and Nature humaine, and by their strong message related to nature. Somehow, I was expecting a bit of the same from Lean on Me, but this time, the book is very different in genre and content. Click to continue reading

Book review: Red is My Heart

Red is my Heart

Red is My Heart,
by Antoine Laurain
and Le Sonneur
Translated by
Jane Aitken
Gallic Books
US publication date 1/18/2022
Et mon cœur se serra
was first published in French
on 2/3/2021
192 pages
French literary fiction


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With nine books published in only fourteen years, Antoine Laurain is quite popular in France. I have read and enjoyed several of his books. They can feature quirkiness, mystery, or time travel elements. You never know what this French author is going to do next.
With Red is My Heart (Et mon cœur se serra in French, literally “And My Heart Sank”), readers are in for another major surprise. Click to continue reading