Book review: Trap for Cinderella

Trap For Cinderella

Trap For Cinderella,
by Sébastien Japrisot
Translated by Helen Weaver
Gallic Books
US publication date 9/7/2021
Piège pour Cendrillon
was first published in French in 1962
176 pages
French mystery / Classic


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After the recent re-translation of many books by Georges Simenon (his Maigret series) in English, it looks like French classic thrillers are getting hot these days. And I am so delighted, as there are so many forgotten gems.
It’s now Sébastien Japrisot’s turn, with three upcoming new publications by Gallic Books.

Today, I’m thrilled to present Trap For Cinderella, which might be one of the most characteristic thrillers by this novelist, even though his most famous is probably A Very Long Engagement (Un long dimanche de fiançailles), because of the movie based on it. Click to continue reading

Book review: The Readers’ Room

The Readers' Room

The Readers’ Room
by Antoine Laurain
Le Service des manuscrits
was first published in Jan 2020.
Translated from the French by
Jane Aitken/Emily Boyce/Polly Mackintosh
Gallic Books
US release date 9/22/2020
176 pages
Literary fiction/Mystery


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With his previous novels, especially The President’s Hat (2013) and Vintage 1954 (2019), Antoine Laurain has created an expectation of great plots and fascinating characters for his fans. They will not be disappointed with The Readers’ Room, with an additional plus of a book on books! Click to continue reading

Book review: A Hundred Million Years and a Day

A Hundred Million Years and a Day

A Hundred Million Years and a Day,
by Jean-Baptiste Andrea
Cent millions d’années et un jour
was first published in 2019.
Translated from the French by
Sam Taylor
Gallic Books
US release date 6/16/2020
176 pages
Literary fiction


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I recently reviewed Wild Dog, translated from the French, a novel focusing on nature and how it can reveal our true human nature and transform it. Today, I could write exactly the same line about A Hundred Million Years and a Day, and yet the book is very different. However, it’s just as brilliant and beautifully written.
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