Book review: Human Nature

Human Nature

Human Nature,
by Serge Joncour.
Nature humaine
was first published in 2020.
Translated from the French by
Louise Rogers Lalaurie
Gallic Books
US release date 8/22/2022
384 pages
Literary fiction/Historical fiction


Serge Joncour has the knack of writing at the crossroads between humans and nature – beautifully illustrated by the multi-layered title of his latest book translated into English: Human Nature.
I actually read Nature humaine when it came out in French two years ago, but I devoured it without taking time to take notes, and didn’t write a review.
I was thrilled then to receive a review copy in English, giving me the opportunity to read it again and at a deeper level, in an excellent and flowing translation. Click to continue reading


Book review: The Martins

The Martins

The Martins,
by David Foenkinos
La famille Martin
was first published in 2020
Translated from the French by
Sam Taylor
Gallic Books
US release date 7/22/2022
248 pages
Literary fiction


David Foenkinos is a popular French author and screenwriter. Although he has already written about twenty novels, I only discovered him recently with Le Mystère Henri Pick, a fantastic novel on the world of books, writers, and publishers.
So I was thrilled to receive from Gallic Books his latest novel to be translated into English: The Martins, another excellent book on books.
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Book review: Lean on Me

Lean On Me

Lean on Me,
by Serge Joncour.
Repose-toi sur moi
was first published in 2016.
Translated from the French by
Jane Aitken & Louise Rogers Lalaurie
Gallic Books
US release date 3/1/2022
384 pages
Literary fiction/Romance


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I had recently read two books by Serge Joncour, and was quite impressed by both: Wild Dog and Nature humaine, and by their strong message related to nature. Somehow, I was expecting a bit of the same from Lean on Me, but this time, the book is very different in genre and content. Click to continue reading