French Bingo and comments Winners

We have winners!

OMG, I realize yesterday I had not yet picked the winners for 2016!

So, without further ado,

The winner for

French Bingo 2016 logois



A Strong Belief in Wicker

Unfortunately, out of the 17 readers who signed up, only 4 posted reviews.
No one bothered to post  a recap post, so for the winner I chose Louise, because she’s the one who read most – 7 books.
Because of the lack of interest (and hardly anyone answered the poll saying they were interested in joining in 2017), we will not have a French Bingo this year.

I promised to reward also the person leaving most comments on the blog.
In 2016, my top 3 commentators were Lucy, Karen, and Elizabeth, so the winner is



The Fictional 100

Both winners will receive a book of their choice through Book Depository, value up to $10



French Bingo 2015 winner

French Bingo 2015 logo


French Bingo 2015 winner




The Dilettante Bookworm

Click on the link to see the titles she read
to complete a BINGO, and more!

Anja will receive a book of her choice among a list.

Why not join the fun for 2016?
New tiles added!