Book review: Termination Shock

Termination Shock

Termination Shock,
by Neal Stephenson
William Morrow
896 pages
Science Fiction/Technothriller/
Environment/Climate Change


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I had meant to read Neal Stephenson for many years, but all his books are quite long, and only recently did I finally decide to take the plunge when I found his latest novel (896 pages) on Netgalley.
This technothriller Termination Shock is related to climate change, and as I have recently enjoyed other cli-fi (scifi related to climate change) for instance Migrations, I thought this would work. It did.

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Mailbox Monday September 9, 2019

Mailbox Monday2

Mailbox Monday



Guide to Healing the Earth

Tom Brown’s Guide to Healing the Earth:
US release date: November 26, by Berkley Books
I won it in a giveaway organized by Penguin Random House – thank you!

Even though nature is extremely important in my life, I have never read any book by Tom Brown. So I am curious,plus he seems to offer some concrete ideas.
AND, look at this gorgeous cover!
I’ll read this probably early November.


Book review: Unseen City


Unseen City:
The Majesty of Pigeons,
the Discreet Charm
of Snails

& Other Wonders
of the Urban Wilderness

In San Francisco, a young father started to pay more attention to his surroundings as his toddler kept asking him names of trees and the like. He was also led to research more about all he could see around him related to the fauna and flora and he shared his discoveries in this fantastic book Unseen City. Note the awesome subtitle and cover as well!

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