Book review: Digital Hell: The Inner Workings of a “Like”

L'Enfer numérique

L’Enfer numérique : Voyage au bout d’un Like,
by Guillaume Pitron
First published September 15, 2021
English Expected publication March 7, 2023
by Scribe US:
Digital Hell: The Inner Workings of a “Like”
304 pages
Audiobook narrated byJean-Philippe Renaud


Wow, what an eye opener and a punch in the stomach! L’Enfer numérique: Voyage au bout d’un Like [Digital Hell: The Inner Workings of a “Like”] is about everything digital, the impact on our planet, and where our world is going. It covers the environment, geopolitics, and ultimately, our civilization.
Actually a very scary book.
I usually don’t read horror fiction, but I got my share of horror in this nonfiction book.
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Book review: Termination Shock

Termination Shock

Termination Shock,
by Neal Stephenson
William Morrow
896 pages
Science Fiction/Technothriller/
Environment/Climate Change


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I had meant to read Neal Stephenson for many years, but all his books are quite long, and only recently did I finally decide to take the plunge when I found his latest novel (896 pages) on Netgalley.
This technothriller Termination Shock is related to climate change, and as I have recently enjoyed other cli-fi (scifi related to climate change) for instance Migrations, I thought this would work. It did.

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Mailbox Monday September 9, 2019

Mailbox Monday2

Mailbox Monday



Guide to Healing the Earth

Tom Brown’s Guide to Healing the Earth:
US release date: November 26, by Berkley Books
I won it in a giveaway organized by Penguin Random House – thank you!

Even though nature is extremely important in my life, I have never read any book by Tom Brown. So I am curious,plus he seems to offer some concrete ideas.
AND, look at this gorgeous cover!
I’ll read this probably early November.