New logos by Creative Deeds

Totally excited to present you new logos done for France Book Tours.

It all started with Bout of Books 13! This year, I was the lucky winner of the grand prize, which was designs by Shirley at

creative deeds button

So this is what she did for me:

BEFORE – my poorly creation

 France Book Tours Banner

AFTER – designed by Shirley

Tour Banner Graphic

She also did a cute button:

France Book Tours Button300x300

And she customized the banner for Twitter.

Plus she did some cute little Eiffel Towers that I’m using as separators:

Eiffel Tower Orange

If you want to see what this all looks like together, see on this post – by the way, this book is available for review!

Don’t you think these are so well done? Plus Shirley is a delight to work with.  She’ll do exactly what you want and adjust as you want it! I highly recommend her work.

Shirley has worked as a graphic designer for over 15 years. She began working at a small print shop and eventually branched out on her own in 2009 with Deeds Graphic Services, but most people recognize her as Creative Deeds.

Although she loves creating logos and graphics for fellow bloggers and authors, she also designs anything from business cards to multi-page publications for individuals and businesses.

You can view her portfolio on her blog  or her Facebook page

Shirley is also an avid reader. She’s participated in every Bout-of-Books read-a-thon and has been providing the Grand Prize since BoB #4.  She has been reviewing books at Creative Deeds Reads since 2011.  You can view her reviews on her blog and find out more about what she’s been reading on her Facebook page. Just be forewarned, her tastes are very eclectic and you never know what you may find on her current reading list.

Creative Deeds Reads

 You can also find Shirley on Twitter @DeedsGraphic or @CreativeDeeds
and if you ever want to contact her for design work, her email is creativedeeds at verizon dot net