Top 3 qualities that make a great author

Top 3 qualities
that make a great author

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There have been many great authors throughout history. While the stories they have written are completely different, these authors have many of the same qualities. It is these qualities that have allowed their words to strike a chord with millions of people around the world. Many people have wondered what is the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful author. While it often comes down to a major difference in writing talent, sometimes the answer is not that simple. There are other traits that people are born with and can’t be taught that often play a key role in an author’s success. What traits do all great authors have? Here are some of the most important qualities that Daniel Handler and other authors like him possess.


The great authors stand out from the crowd. When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created the legendary Sherlock Holmes, the literary world had never seen a detective the likes of him before. Therefore, the Sherlock Holmes novels instantly made a major impact on the general public. This allowed them to gain a massive following around the world. Similar to this were the novels of Mark Twain, which painted a very interesting portrait of life in the southern United States in the late 19th century. Twain’s books are now standard reading material in schools around the United States. Obviously, you can’t teach originality and imagination. A person either has these things, or they don’t. An author can have a very impressive vocabulary and command of the English language. However, if he or she can’t come up with compelling and original ideas to write about, they will never succeed as an author.


Becoming a successful author is rarely easy. The vast majority of authors must deal with a large amount of rejection in the early stages of their careers. While some lesser authors decide to choose another profession after receiving too much rejection, great authors only grow stronger from this. Being repeatedly rejected only makes the great authors more determined to succeed.

Ability to listen to criticism

An author must understand that there are some people who know better than they do. When an author is still developing his or her writing talents, it is important for them to listen to criticism. Instead of being insulted when somebody tells them their work is bad and needs improvement, the great authors will take this as a challenge.