The Hands On French Cookbook Excerpt

The Hands On French Cookbook

The Hands On French Cookbook:
Connect with French through Simple, Healthy Cooking,
by Elisabeth de Châtillon

(nonfiction: Healthy Bilingual French Cook Book and Language Book – French and English)

 Release date: 6/2/2021
144 pages
Hands on French



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If you think French food is complicated, decadent, and heavy, think again! If you think learning and exploring another language is difficult or boring, think again! And if you think cooking French food and learning French at the same time is impossible, teacher and home cook Elisabeth de Châtillon is here to prove you wrong. It might sound too good to be true, but The Hands On French Cookbook is full of healthy, simple French recipes that you can make for friends and family while you learn not only the French language but also a little bit about French culture in a relaxed, fun, tasty way.

The Hands On French Cookbook: Connect with French through Simple, Healthy Cooking is a unique cookbook that offers healthy and simple French recipes while introducing French language and culture to English-speaking cooks and readers. This cookbook, written in French with English translations (plus digital recordings in French), will be for children aged 9+ and adults with varying levels of cooking and language skills. 

Ten French recipes include five main dishes and five desserts, prepared with seasonal vegetables and fruits plus other simple ingredients. Enjoy a nutritious and savory “Salade niçoise au quinoa” (“Niçoise Salad with Quinoa”) with fresh green beans, juicy grape tomatoes, and dotted with olives, followed by a simple “Clafoutis aux abricots” (“Clafoutis with Apricots”), a delicious flan flavored with moist fruits to tempt a sweet tooth!

Each detailed recipe features variations, including alternative ingredients for special diets, plus the chef’s ideas, twists and tips. For instance, try almond meal or rice flour for gluten-free diets; or almond, rice or soy milk for dairy-free ones. The chef’s chatty commentary entertains readers and reflects fun facts about French culture and history in “D’où vient…?” (“Where does … come from?”) and “Qu’est-ce que c’est ?” (“What is it?”).  

To follow each recipe, readers start with bilingual lists of ingredients, utensils, and command verbs (action words such as “mix”, “pour” and “bake”), then continue with step-by-step instructions. The vocabulary list and command verbs help second language learners absorb new vocabulary and language conventions through TPR (Total Physical Response), a proven language learning tool, which uses commands and specific body movements, the same way that readers learned their native tongue.

Since it is a multifaceted book, The Hands On French Cookbook will benefit a broad audience, including French students and teachers as well as parents of curious children, health-conscious cooks, vegetarians, and anyone interested in learning about French language and culture in a fun and engaging way. It is beaucoup de fun!

Author’s Note:
I chose 10 recipes especially for your cooking as well as language lessons. Cooking the recipes will help you actively learn the language: “What the hand does, the mind remembers…” My favorite quote from Maria Montessori. That is why this book has been inspired by TPR (Total Physical Response), a fun, hands-on teaching tool that allows you to learn a language by incorporating specific physical tasks with commands. It’s the same way you learned your native language through looking, listening, responding and doing. You can make this cookbook your own. Learn actively some French at your own pace while cooking simple and easy recipes to follow. By the way, since it is a bilingual book in French and English, French readers will also learn English words and phrases.

Last but not the least, I wanted readers to hear how to pronounce the French words and phrases, so I recorded myself reading the main recipes in French. To listen to the recordings that go with this book, please visit This will help you practice the French pronunciation as you read this book at your own pace.


★★★★★ The most yummy book I have read this year. Cook and learn French at the same time! — Emma at Words And Peace

“A perfect book for anyone who’d like to recreate the flavors of France in their own kitchen, while improving their language skills.” —Linda Lappin, award-winning writer and writing teacher

★★★★★ “This is such a good idea. Lovely, mouth watering recipes written both in English and French. What an exciting way to learn French! Such a great idea. The verbs, top tips and photos all mix together to make a very novel way to learn how to cook, whilst also learning some French. Fantastic!!!” —Jackie Oldfield, Educator 

★★★★★ “The Hands On French Cookbook is magnifique! Author Elisabeth de Châtillon’s background in education is clear as she takes her readers through the mechanics of how they can learn French while cooking the simple but delicious recipes.” –Hall Ways Blog

Crustless Quiche

Eiffel Tower Orange


Eiffel Tower Orange


The Hands On French Cookbook_Elisabeth de ChâtillonElisabeth de Châtillon
was born in France, has an MA in Education and Marketing,
and has taught extensively in both the USA and Europe.
She is also an accomplished home cook
who enjoys sharing her love for French cooking
by feeding her family and friends simple, good food.
was born from her combined love of teaching and cooking
—and a desire to share that love and knowledge.
When Elisabeth isn’t working or cooking,
she likes stepping on her yoga mat,
meditating, swimming in the ocean and lakes, walking in the beautiful outdoors, and traveling.
She currently lives in Nashville, TN, with her husband, Ron, and Minou, her bilingual cat.

To find our more, please visit her website.
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