Summer 2022 readalong

Le Grand Meaulnes


You like Classics?
You are ready for an easy readalong this Summer?
You like French literature?
You can read French.
You can write in French – mistakes don’t count, as long as we can understand what you mean.

Look no further!
Join us, Emma @ Words And Peace and Lory @ Entering the Enchanted Castle.

We will start on June 13, and we’ll read only 1 chapter a day. So a very easy pace.
So your readalong will last until mid July.

If you want to join us, we will post our comments
on this Discord channel – in French.
Let me know if the invitation link no longer works, and I will send you a new one. It expires after a while.

Here is the English synopsis, if you can’t join us but would like to discover this 1913 classic – published in English as The Lost Estate:

“When Meaulnes first arrives at the local school in Sologne, everyone is captivated by his good looks, daring and charisma. But when Meaulnes disappears for several days, and returns with tales of a strange party at a mysterious house – and his love for the beautiful girl hidden within it, Yvonne de Galais – his life has been changed forever. In his restless search for his Lost Estate and the happiness he found there, Meaulnes, observed by his loyal friend Francois, may risk losing everything he ever had. Poised between youthful admiration and adult resignation, Alain-Fournier’s compelling narrator carries the reader through this evocative and unbearably poignant portrayal of desperate friendship and vanished adolescence.”


May 2020-November 2021: 19 months with Hercule Poirot

In 2017, I listened to all of Sherlock Holmes, and found it a very satisfying experience.
So I seized the opportunity of the 100th anniversary of the publication of The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Hercule Poirot #1), to start this new project of listening to all of Hercule Poirot novels and short stories collections, in chronological order of publication.

May 2020-November 2021: 19 months with Hercule Poirot

That was a total of 43 books that took me 19 months.
Mystery is a great genre for audiobooks, so I decided to go that route.
Here are a few notes about my experience.

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Book review: The Invention of Morel

The Invention of Morel

The Invention of Morel,
by Adolfo Bioy Casares
Translated from the Spanish
by Ruth L. C. Simms
La invención de Morel
was first published in 1940
103 pages
Literary fiction / Classic


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Last month, I started rereading Ficciones, and realized I wanted to go deeper, but didn’t have time then to do so. So I am planning to go back to it in December.
In the meantime, this is November, with many book blogging events, for instance Novellas in November.
For the occasion, I decided to read a novella in translation that’s on my Classics Club list: The Invention of Morel. And I discovered in the excellent introduction by Suzanne Jill Levine (NYRB Classics edition) that its author, Adolfo Bioy Casares (1914-1999) was great friends with Jorge Luis Borges, who was also his mentor (and he wrote a prologue for this book). So I’m still in great company! Click to continue reading