Throwback Thursday: January 2012

Throwback Thursday


Revisiting what I posted 10 years ago
(my blog was born on September 29, 2010)
following the idea I found at The Chocolate Lady’s Book Review Blog
(click on this link or the logo to see where the idea started from,
and to post the link to your own post).

On the first Thursday of the month available on my site,
I’m planning to post about the previous month, 10 years before.

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Today, I’ll be revisiting January 2012.
I published 21 posts, 9 of these were reviews.

Of these books, here is the one that received most views:

dickens a life

Not surprisingly, the post that actually got most views was not a book review,
but my very first annual recap, with the first time I did charts.
I’m glad to be still doing this in 2022, with even more detail.

Year of reading 2011

I would like to mention 2 books I reviewed that month and really enjoyed a lot.
The first one is probably my most favorite book ever, this was a reread.

Le Grand Meaulnes is that a fish

Click on the covers to know more

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My next post on this meme will be on March 3

Six degrees of separation: Christmas in Monte Cristo


Six degrees of separation:
Christmas in Monte Cristo!

Using my own rules for this fun meme hosted by Kate at Booksaremyfavouriteandbest (see there the origin of the meme and how it works – posted the first Saturday of every month), I started with a title containing the word Christmas  and ended up in  Monte Cristo!
This is really fun, you never know where you’ll end up.

Here are my own quirky rules:

1, Use your list of books on Goodreads
2. Take the first word of the title offered and find another title with that word in it
3. Then use the first word of THAT title to find your text title
4. Or the second if the title starts with the same word

After the covers, you can find the links to my reviews or to the title on Goodreads:

  A Christmas Carol     Very French Christmas Cover     A Very Expensive Poison   A is For Arsenic

    Agatha The Real Life of Agatha Christie  The Black Count

1. A Christmas Carol = I confess I have never read it! But as we usually watch a version of it every year, maybe this time I’ll listen to it. Any favorite narrator recommended? I’m sure a zillion did it.

2. A Very French Christmas = I enjoyed a lot this collection of French Christmas short stories, by famous or less famous authors.

3. A Very Expensive Poison: The Definitive Story of the Murder of Litvinenko and Russia’s War with the West = this one is on my TBR. I think it should be fascinating, combining true crime and recent events.

4. A is for Arsenic: The Poisons of Agatha Christie = also on my TBR. I really enjoy classic mysteries, and Christie is known for the vast variety of poisons used in her novels and short stories, so I’d like to know more about that.

5. Agatha: The Real Life of Agatha Christie =  I read this beautiful graphic novel two years ago, and realize now I haven’t done a post on it yet! I plan to, as I have saved some great illustrations on my computer for it.
The author has a fun way to tackle the topic of Christie’s hate and love relationship with her character Hercule Poirot. Very well done, content and illustrations!

6. The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo = I so enjoyed this book! It’s on the real person who inspired the character of the Count of Monte Cristo, and all the historical events around him. Very rich book.


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Charles Dickens for our time?

Reflecting today on Charles Dickens, his work, the social portraits of his time, I was wondering if we had a Dickens or a Zola for our time.

Any idea? A fiction writer who would portray the tough social times so many go through in our 21st century?

He/she can be a European or American writer – I’m thinking more of our Western world here.

Please share any thought, with some examples of titles if necessary. Thanks!