Book review: The White Tiger

The White Tiger

The White Tiger

by Aravind Adiga
Published by Free Press in 2008
Genres: Fiction, Cultural, India
Pages: 276

As I explained in my video announcing the titles I was going to read in November 2017, my awesome public library has been organizing something great this year: a winter challenge, where the staff picks a title for you!
I was totally excited like a kid under the Christmas tree when I went to pick up my mystery title. It ended up being The White Tiger, by an author I had never heard of – though I realized later his latest book is featured among the 100 best books of 2017 according to the New York Times review of Books.
To be honest with you, this is definitely a book I would never have chosen by myself: the few times I have tried to read books about India, I found them good, but rather depressing, so I try to stay away from them now.
But isn’t a reading challenge supposed to invite you away from your comfort zone? So, well done and thanks to the staff member who picked it up for me!

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