2016: January wrap-up

January 2016 wrap-up

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January is starting slow in reading, with no big ah ah moments. Hopefully, it will get better soon.

Here is what I read in January:

7  books.
5 books, with 1,126 pages, that is: 36.3 pages/day.
2 audiobooks, with 16:31 hours, that is: 31 min/day

4 in mystery :

  1. The Secret of the Old Clock, by Carolyn Keene/Mildred Benson – audio
  2. Red Handed, by Colleen Cross – ebook, read and translated into French
  3. Blue Moon, by Colleen Cross – ebook, read and translated into French
  4. The Brutal Telling, by Louise Penny – audio

2 in literary fiction:

  1. Couple Mechanics, by Nelly Alard
  2. Albertine disparue, by Marcel Proust – ebook

1 in nonfiction:

  1. La cache, by Christophe Boltanski – ebook



My favorite in January

   The Brutal Telling

Reading Challenges recap

French Bingo: 3/25
Audiobook: 2/15
Classics Club: 1/50
Cloak and Dagger (Mysteries): 4/30
Ebook challenge: 4/25
Historical fiction: 0/15
Japanese literature: 3/5
New authors challenge: 4/50
New Release (2016): 1/30
Nonfiction challenge: 1/15
Books in Translation: 1/12
What’s in a Name: 1/6
Where Are You Reading?: 19/50 – to be finished in 2016??

Total of books read in 2016 = 7/100

Number of books added to my TBR in January = 29

Blog recap

  • At the beginning of January, I published my 2015 reading stats, always fun
  • I’ve FINALLY joined The Classics Club and pledged to read 50 classics in 5 years
  • I participated in Bout of Books, though it ended up in total disaster with a major computer crash
  • I participated in Blogging 101, where I learned a lot. I still need to work on a few items.
  • I have reviewed a few books read last year and which I had not reviewed yet! Getting better at reviewing as soon as I’ve finished reading.
    As I say that, you may wonder then why 4 books listed above have no review!
    – I will review Colleen Cross’s books when I have finished  translated the third, as it’s a trilogy
    – I plan to review a bunch of books by Louise Penny when I am done with the series (of the books published so far)
    – And I will talk about Proust when I’m done with the LAST volume, which I just started! Phew!
  • Apart from reviews, I have more often posted for several memes
  • 2 of the 7 books I read were received for review, plus two for work, to translate into French
  • French Bingo 2016 has 14 participants. Why not add some fun to your reading life and join?

  • I organized 4 giveaways in January. The one for February at France Book Tours is here. Be sure to follow through email not to miss the weekly ones.

Most popular book review in January

Couple Mechanicsclick on the cover to access my review.

Most popular post last month
– non book review –

French Bingo 2016

Book blog that brought me
most traffic this past month

The Broke and the Bookish

please go visit

Top commenters of the month

Inspired by Becca at I’m Lost in Books!
and her Blogger Shout-Outs feature

= 1 point per month for the top 3.
The one who has the most points at the end of the year will receive a gift!
NB: just congratulating winners of giveaways does not count as a real comment 😉

1: Karen at Booker Talk
2: Lucy at The Fictional 100
3: Freda at Freda’s Voice

Blog milestones

1,300 posts
over 3,550 subscribers
over 105,760 hits

Blog plans for February
Come back tomorrow
to see what I plan to read in February!

  • Publish 2 last reviews due in 2015!
  • Write a few short reviews posts for 2015
  • Do a couple of videos, also for books read last year!
  • Keep at reviewing a book as soon as I’m done!

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How was YOUR month of  January?
And to a wonderful reading year to you!

Month in ReviewKathryn at The Book Date
has created a Month In Review meme
I’ll now be linking my monthly recap posts
Thanks Kathryn, great idea!

Book review: The Secret of the Old Clock

The Secret of the Old Clock
(Nancy Drew #1)


The Secret of the Old Clock

Carolyn Keene/Mildred Benson
Laura Linney
Listening Library
Published in: 1930
Duration: 3:09 hours
ISBN: 978-0739349137
Genre: childrens/mystery






  Rating systemRating systemRating system

Not having grown up in an English speaking country, I had not heard about Nancy Drew until rather recently. Tackling the task of reading 50 classics in 5 years, I thought listening to The Secret of the Old Clock would be a fun way to begin.
Oh, I just checked, in French she is known as Alice Roy (!), and actually I must indeed have a read a few, but I have no specific memory of them.
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