Top Ten Typographic Book Covers

Top Ten
Typographic Book Covers

TTT for September 27, 2022

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This was more difficult than I thought.
Of course, I could have chosen the super easy way, and just put in French books, as most just have the title on the cover, like for the very first book I listed (which I’m currently reading).
I think it’s actually a neat thing, so that you don’t get influenced by the cover. Would you like your book covers to mostly be words, what do you think?
And you can do really smart things actually, see for instance Red is my Heart here below.

As usual, I went chronologically, starting by books I read most recently.
The last two do have some illustrations, but it is so simple, that I thought I could add them here. Plus what they did with these two titles is very smart when you know the content.

Top Ten Typography

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A month of favorites – Favorite Book Covers in 2015


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IN 2015

Dec 30 is for
#AMonthofFaves:  Favorite Book Covers From My Reads This Year – what did you like about each one?

Here are my 6 favorites book covers of the books I read this year


And why?

  1. Race to Tibet = gorgeous painting! With interesting idea for the calligraphy, as well as neat details all around the cover, really precious
  2. The Room = whimsy 3D Effect, and perfect for the story
  3. Floats the Dark Shadow = Gothic view of Paris that already puts you so well in the mood of this creepy book
  4. Look Who’s Back = awesome minimalist look for the best satire ever
  5. Armada = great work with letters for this fun sci-fi
  6. So You Don’t Get Lost in the Neighborhood = black and white like Modiano’s book, about communication or lack of it, with a watermarked Paris map? right on!