The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages

Book Reviewer Yellow Pages_border_300wThe 9th edition of

The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages is out,

and Words And Peace

is in it!

This directory of bloggers (like Words and Peace), and tour organizers (like France Book Tours) helps authors find book reviewers for indie and self-published books, and it provides trusted advice for contacting them.

Published annually since 2009, the directory slashes hours of research time for anyone who needs and understands the power of book reviews.

Buy the paperback or eBook: Amazon, or click here for all stores including international.
BTW, the Kindle is free if you buy the paperback from Amazon.
Only $4.99 for eBook; $15.95 paperback.

This year’s directory was completely redesigned to help you zero in faster to find the reviewers right for your book.
Even the eBook’s index is linked, all 1,588 entries!
You are welcome to grab a PDF sample here.


Monday After BEA16: ideas to implement


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I forgot to share yesterday!

Monday After BEA16:
ideas to implement

First, I’d like to highlight that if you are a newbie at book blogging and mean to be serious at it, you should definitely invest in going next year to BEA, in New York, and especially take part in the BEA Bloggers Conference. Having been book blogging for almost 6 years, I probably didn’t receive as many ideas as younger bloggers, but still, plenty enough to work on now!
Some of the following may be too basic for you, this post is mostly intended for newbies and to myself as a reminder, just in case I lose the notebook where I wrote all these down!! Click to continue reading

Sunday After BEA16: discoveries


Sunday After BEA16

After sharing about my book haul and several book bloggers I was so thrilled to finally meet (alas, I missed many more!), time for a broader picture and for telling you all about the ideas I brought back. Click to continue reading