BBAW 2016: day 2: Interview

Book blogger Appreciation Week#BBAW

Book Blogger
Appreciation Week

Interview Day


Day 2 Interview day
I was paired with Nat, one of the three bloggers at

Unbridled Enthusiasm

Here are the questions Nat asked me, and my answers:

1. How long have you been blogging? What made you start?

I have been seriously book blogging since September 2010 – yeah, getting old!
I have always loved reading and talking about books.
One day, I discovered evolution had produced a rare species, book bloggens. I was overjoyed to discover there were not far from me, just a few computer keys away, and that I could communicate with them in a common language. So we started talking, and one day, I decided to join their lively community. I have not regretted it once.
So when I can’t talk books with people around me, I can always go and find other book bloggens members. Through them, I have discovered zillions of books I would never have heard about otherwise.

2. Has your translating work changed your reading habits? Are you more aware of other translators? Do you think in how you’d translate something while your reading?

Not translating in general, which I have been doing for decades now.
But translating fiction, which I started just a couple of years ago, has been changing my reading habits: to improve (there’s always room for improvement in that type of thing, just like in creating and writing, right?), I now again spend more time reading in French, not just classics (I’m in the last volume of In Search of Lost Time by Proust!), but also very recently published French novels. Thank God for the existence of!

And I follow a few translators’ blogs. I just discovered a new translation in French by  Marie Darrieussecq of A Room of One’s Own, by Virginia Woolf. I’m studying it to check how she rendered this classic and get some special insights.

Ah! You guessed it! Yeah, sometimes it’s a pain, because I get caught sometimes into wondering how I would translate this or that.

3. Is there a book you wish more people loved as much as you do?

Yes, one of my most favorite French books, but maybe it needs a new translation in English – it was published in French in 1913. Click on the cover to read my thoughts about it.

Le Grand Meaulnes

4. How do you keep track of other book blogs? 

Some through email subscription, but most through Bloglovin’, the best replacement I’ve found after the sad demise of Google Reader. According to Bloglovin’, I’m following 451 blogs (I know, I’m nuts) as of today – but probably more by the end of #BBAW!!

5. Do you have any tips for someone who has recently started blogging or is thinking about starting a blog?

  • Visit many other book blogs
  • and comment
  • reply to all the comments you receive
  • visit those who visit you and try to leave a comment on one of their posts
  • WHILE remaining who you are
  • and doing whatever you want on YOUR blog and how YOU want to do it
  • have fun, no pressure

6. And, finally, do you really hate Jane Austen? Why? I’m genuinely curious. Was it a bad experience in high-school, or something about her writing doesn’t resonate with you.

Yes, I really can’t stand her books.
I did all my studies in France, and she is not on the high school curriculum in France, as far as I can remember.
BUT I had to study her extensively for a super hard study program at university level (a super insane thing that does not exist here in the US, something like the toughest of the toughest Ivy League type of thing if you wish).
That’s not the reason I don’t like her writing (I love John Milton whom I studied during that same program). The reason It’s the social milieu she describes that gets to me, and these girls in a milieu that’s too protected.

Be sure to visit Nat’s posts. Go there for instance to see what questions I asked her for today’s interview! = sorry, she has not posted them yet
You can also follow her on Twitter and Goodreads



BBAW 2016: day 1

Book blogger Appreciation Week


Book Blogger
Appreciation Week


Day 1 Introduce yourself by telling us about five books that represent you as a person or your interests/lifestyle.

I love this prompt, and here is what I came up with:

sisters of versailles


The Sisters of Versailles,
by Sally Christie


  •  as a reader and reviewer,
    my favorite genre
    is historical fiction

  • the book is set in France,
    my country of origin

  • it is one of the books I organized a virtual book tour for,
    at France Book Tours, my own company

La septième fonction du langage


La Septième fonction du langage,
by Laurent Binet


  • the book is in French,
    and I still enjoy
    having access
    and reviewing books
    written in my native language

  • this novel is based on linguistics
    and semantics,
    which have always been among my favorite topics

Bird Portraits

A-Z of Bird Portraits,
by Andrew Forkner



Le Promis des Highlands


Le Promis des Highlands,
by Tanya Anne Crosby



Becoming Orthodox

Becoming Orthodox,
by Peter E. Gillquist


  • after many years
    of hesitation,
    I made the jump
    and became
    Eastern Orthodox,
    8 years ago

  • this is the best book
    to explain
    the reasons of such a move



Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2016

Book blogger Appreciation Week


Book Blogger
Appreciation Week

Book Blogger Appreciation Week is back! I participated in this event in past years, so it’s fun to do it again.

Here is the program:

Day 1 Introduce yourself by telling us about five books that represent you as a person or your interests/lifestyle.
Day 2 Interview Day! If you choose to be part of the interviews (in the form down below), you’ll be assigned a fellow blogger to chat with and post about! Sign-ups for interviews close on Wednesday, February 10! 
Day 3 What have you read and loved because of a fellow blogger?
Day 4 How do you stay connected to the community? Examples: social media, regular commenting, participation in blog events, etc. Tell us your faves!
Day 5 One of the unfortunate side effects of reading and blogging like rockstars seems to be a tendency toward burnout. How do you keep things fresh on your blog and in your reading?

Twitter parties will be: