BBAW 2016: Day 5

Book blogger Appreciation Week#BBAW

Book Blogger
Appreciation Week

Day 5


Day 5:
One of the unfortunate side effects of reading and blogging like rockstars seems to be a tendency toward burnout.
How do you keep things fresh on your blog and in your reading?

How I keep things fresh in my reading:

  1. I try to keep a healthy balance between New Releases AND classics, and books that have been on my TBR for too long.


    Doing Reading challenges helps,

    but mostly, I have learned to be very very very picky at what book I request or agree to review. I have not counted, but maybe I accept to review only 1/10 books I get offered through email.
    But I guess that requires self-discipline.
    And when I do accept, I look at my review schedule and give myself a lot of time ahead, and tell them: yes I’m interested in reading your book, but I won’t be able to post until that day.
    I only accept to be part of a book tour when I really want to read a book and again, it’s schedule far ahead, so that I have no pressure.
    I think that’s also what is keeping me sane: I ultimately read what I really chose to read, no pressure.
    And schedule, that is organization!

  2. I keep an eye on diversity in books mostly through books in translation.
    Review copies
    are important for me, because I don’t have a lot of dough, and books are expensive. I use a lot my library, but that’s not always easy with new releases (unless, like for my favorite authors, I know when the book is going to be released, so I keep an eye on my library catalog months ahead and request it as soon as it says they are ordering it – but that’s pressure to organize!)
    I also read a lot of books in translation that are coming from smaller presses. If I get them through interlibrary loan, usually I can’t renew the loan, and they may be fat books! So review copies save me

  3. and through books published in French – it helps to be tutoring in French: for instance, with one of my advanced students, every week, we work on an except of a book which received a literary award in France in 2015 (there are A LOT of different French literary awards).

How I keep things fresh in my blogging:

  1. By doing all of the above, as my blog is essentially about books I read

  2. By trying to write better reviews

  3. By visiting other blogs and gathering new ideas here and there

  4. By reading material to try to always improve (Blogging University for instance)

  5. By trying to create conversation through my posts

  6. By accepting guest-posts from different authors

  7. By taking part in current blogging events, such as #BBAW!

  8. By staying away from controversies when they come up – so keeping blogging positive, not a place to fight

  9. And also by not bothering if I can’t do anything on the blog, because I’m away with no internet connection. It’s good to totally disconnect from time to time

  10. By trying to update the look from time to time – I know, I have promised a major update for a while…




BBAW 2016: Day 4


Book blogger Appreciation Week#BBAW

Book Blogger
Appreciation Week

Day 4


Day 4: How do you stay connected to the community? Examples: social media, regular commenting, participation in blog events, etc. Tell us your faves!

Here are  in order of importance for me right now (things change) how I stay connected to the book blogging community:

  1. Answering comments on my blog

  2. Visiting blogs and commenting there

  3. Connecting with book bloggers who participate in my virtual book tour company: France Book Tours.

    Feel free to feel in the form saying what genres you are interested in.

    All the books are in English, but set in France, all kinds of genres represented.

    You get a free book to review, you choose what book, you post the review on your blog, and for most tours, you get a big chance to win a $15 gift card!

    Right now we just have 1 spot available for the latest book by MJ Rose coming out in July! The first who fill in the form on this page will get it.

    And we have another great historical novel by Kathleen C. Perrin for end of March

  4. social media (see below)

  5. Taking part in memes (not every week): Mailbox Monday / It’s Monday, what are you reading? / First Chapter First Paragraph / Top 10 Tuesdays (from time to time) / Teaser Tuesday / WWW Wednesday / Friday 56 / Friday Finds / Nonfiction Friday Book Beginnings / Sunday Sentence / Sunday post (not too often these months)

  6. Taking part in reading challenges: 13 this year

  7. Taking part in other blogging events (see below)

As for social media, I mean:

  1. Twitter – and crazy Twitter parties for some events

  2. Bloglovin’ – ok, here something new: as you know it’s not easy to find the balance to read books, to review them, AND to visit other blogs (especially when you have over 400 in your RSS feed!!
    So, very recently, annoyed by the huge number of posts I had not seen, I decided to do this:
    On day 1 of the month, I visit all the blogs starting with the letter A, on day 2 those starting with letter B, etc. At least, twice a month, I’ll have a chance to go through all the new posts added. If I have time, I visit more at random. And I feel so much better!

  3. Email subscription – top left – Join 3,589 other followers!

  4. Facebook

  5. Goodreads

  6. Instagram

  7. Google +

  8. Pinterest

  9. Youtube

As for other blogging events:

  1. my favorite is Armchair BEA, BUT I should be able to the LIVE BEA this year, for the first time EVER!!! Can’t wait to meet many of you face to face!

  2. Bout of Books

  3. BBAW!

  4. Bloggiesta

  5. A month of favorites

And I probably forgot something!! Ah yes! Like occasional events like Carole, who once a month asks to link your favorite books (Carole’s Chatter), Paris in July, etc!


BBAW 2016: day 3

Book blogger Appreciation Week#BBAW

Book Blogger
Appreciation Week

Day 3


Day 3:  What have you read and loved because of a fellow blogger?

OMG, this is just impossible to answer! There would be way too many, and I don’t remember who recommended what!

BUT, I’m glad to ask, because,
at about the turn of the year, realizing precisely that: no way to remember why this or that book is on my Goodreads TBR (don’t laugh, 1,153 books right now as I write this, but probably many more by the time you read it, lol), who recommended it to me,
I decided to remedy that problem!


So, each time I add a book there, unless the interest is obvious to me, I now add a comment: “recomm by….”
So come back next year, and I’ll tell you more!