Book reviews: Crimson Lake and Redemption Point

  crimson lakeRedemption Point

Crimson Lake series

Crimson  Lake
Redemption Point
by Candice Fox
03/66/2018 and 03/19/2019
348 and 398 pages


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Australian thrillers can be really good. Crimson Lake, this new series I have just discovered, is another proof of it.

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Book review: Resurrection Bay

Resurrection Bay

Resurrection Bay

by  Emma Viskic
Penguin Random House/Pushkin Vertigo

Genre: Mystery / Crime
Pages: 288

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Resurrection Bay is a mystery with a very unique characteristic for its main hero.
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Book review: Salt Creek

Salt Creek

Salt Creek

Do you need a change of landscape? Salt Creek is for you. It is set in 19th century England and mostly South Australia, in a rough area baked by the sun, where not much grows and even sheep have a  hard time.


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