2013: June wrap-up

I took a week off last month, in the middle of nowhere, and surprised myself not reading 1 line, just enjoying bird songs and nature in all its beauty. Hence the poor monthly statistics:

My June total is only 4 books, with a total of only 1148 pages, that is, a pathetic 38.2 pages/day.
And I listened to 1 audiobook of 15:46 hours, which gives a 30  mn/day.
I have been listening to another very long audiobook, but I am not done yet!

I’m still trying to go on reading Proust, In Search of Lost Time. I am in Le côté de Guermantes; I am very far behind the weekly schedule, so not sure I will be able to cover all of Proust in 2013.

Here are the books I read/listened to:

2 historical fiction:

  1. Studio Saint-Ex, by Ania Szado – with giveaway
  2. The Nine Fold Heaven, by Mingmei Yip – with giveaway, will be posted tomorrow!

3 non-fiction:

  1. Taking Root in Provence, by Anne-Marie Simons. This book will be on Tour in November, we still have a few spots available if you would like to receive a free copy and review it.
  2. Midnight In The Garden of Good And Evil, by John Berendt- audiobook
  3. Paris, I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down, by Rosecrans Baldwin

My favorites this month:

Taking Root in Provence Midnight in the Garden of Good And Evil


Reading Challenges recap

Around the World in 12 books:  2/12
Audiobook: 6/12
Books on France: 16/12 – COMPLETED
Cozy Mysteries: 3/10
Ebook challenge: 12/10 – COMPLETED
European reading challenge: 6/5 – COMPLETED
Historical fiction: 21/15 – COMPLETED
Japanese literature: 0/? (starts in June)
New authors challenge: 35/25 – COMPLETED
TBR challenge: 1/12
What’s in a Name: 4/6
Where Are You Reading?: 4/50
Australian Literature: 1/1 – COMPLETED

Total of books read so far in 2013 = 50

Number of books added to my TBR in June = 14


Blog recap

  1. 4 of the 5 books mentioned here were received for reviews by author/publisher
  2. 31 readers signed up for my Books on France Challenge, and 71 reviews have already been posted. Don’t forget to post your reviews, and it is never too late to join!
  3. Every month, France Book Tours has a giveaway for the book of the month. Have you checked yet the July giveaway? 91 entries were received for the June giveaway.
  4. France Book Tours already completed 2 book tours, and there are many more already scheduled! If you are interested in reviewing books on your blog for France Book Tours, just fill in this short questionnaire.
  5. As we are talking about giveaways, you can see now current giveaways prominently displayed on the right side bar, to make your life easier as a reader.
  6. I participated in Audiobook Week.
  7. I visited The Cahokia Mounds, near Saint Louis, as featured in this terrific historical novel.

Most popular recent book review

click on the cover to access my review

Most popular recent post – non book review

202-2013: My Audiobook Year

Plans for July

  1. Nothing much, except read something for Japanese Literature Reading Challenge 7.
  2. TRY to get less involved in reviews for book tours, and work more on some of my reading challenges
  3. read more of Proust!

How was YOUR month of June?
And what are your reading plans for July?

Audiobook Week 2013 recap

audiobook week 2013

This Summer seems crazy busy for everyone. This is probably what explains a mid-size participation in Audiobook Week. I did not have too much time myself to visit all the other participants.

Here is the recap of  my posts:

Day 1: 2012-2013: My Audiobook Year

Day 2: How do you choose your audiobooks?

Day 3: Audiobook Week Mid-Week Meme

Day 4: Audiobook Tasks

Day 5: Learning About Audiobooks


Learning About Audiobooks – Audiobook Week Discussion

audiobook week 2013

Day 1: 2012-2013: My audiobook year
Day 2: How Do You Choose Your Audiobooks?
Day 3: Audiobook Week Mid-Week Meme
Day 4: Audiobook Tasks

Today’s prompt is:

Where do you learn about great audiobook titles?

I learn about great audiobook titles:

  • mostly through all the bloggers I follow. That’s where I know if it’s better to read a book or listen to it – Ready Player One was the best example for that
  • through Audiobook Jukebox, which posts reviews of bloggers – mine are there. A great website where you can as well receive audiobooks for free to review
  • through Jen’s Friday meme Sound Bytes: she posts an audiobook review, and you can link any audiobook review you wrote that day or that week
  • through the yearly Audiobook Challenge, hosted by Teresa

Nothing really original, I bet you are all going to mention these in your answers

Buy your audiobooks? Share your secrets with the rest of us!

First, let me say I have never bought an audiobook, and actually I extremely rarely buy any book.

I have a fantastic library, which is part of a group of about 80 libraries, and still if the book I want is not there, I can get it for free with inter-library loan, from any other library, public or even academic, in my state!

No desire or need to use audible or the like.

  • So the first place for me to find audiobooks is my public library, either on site, with books on CDs or playaways; or through the online databases, we have 2: Overdrive and OneClick Digital, which allow me to listen directly on my ipod touch. I would think by now, almost all libraries, if not all, have probably something like this available on their website.
  • I also receive audiobooks from publishers for free, for review, Bring Up The Bodies was the latest – through Audiobook Jukebox!
  • Sometimes I want to listen to classics, and there are good free services. I would recommend Librivox. You can get these books through a free app on your i-devices, I use Book Player. It has a large library included

Nothing really original here

We’d particularly love to know what narrators or publishers are active in social media or do a great job communicating with listeners.

Thanks to Twitter, Goodreads, and Facebook, in the order of how much it happens for me, it has become so much easier to get in touch with authors, publishers, and narrators, and to get their prompt answer and feedback. Orlagh Cassidy (@OrlaghCassidyFN) has been great at interacting with me as a book blogger, even re-tweeting some of my tweets not directly connected with her.