Review and giveaway: The Madonna of Notre Dame – I love France #200


The Madonna of Notre Dame

The Madonna of Notre Dame

Author: Alexis Ragougneau
Translator: Katherine Gregor
Publisher: New Vessel Press
US Release date: Oct 11, 2016
La Madone de Notre-Dame
was first released in French in Jan 2016
Pages: 210
ISBN: 978-1-939931-39-3
also available as ebook
Genre: thriller


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One thing book blogging changed in my reading is paying more attention to the publishers. Before book blogging, I would never check who published what, I didn’t really see how important it is. Since blogging, for almost 6 years now, I have learned to recognize books by their publisher, and I’m not just taking cover art (though it would apply in this case). New Vessel Press, specialized in books in translation, has the knack for releasing excellent books with unique perspective and high-quality writing. They also have the good idea to request the help of France Book Tours to organize book tours for them! So when I saw they were publishing The Madonna of Notre Dame, a thriller set in Notre Dame of Paris, I didn’t hesitate a second. And you should not either. Click to continue reading