Top Ten Typographic Book Covers

Top Ten
Typographic Book Covers

TTT for September 27, 2022

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This was more difficult than I thought.
Of course, I could have chosen the super easy way, and just put in French books, as most just have the title on the cover, like for the very first book I listed (which I’m currently reading).
I think it’s actually a neat thing, so that you don’t get influenced by the cover. Would you like your book covers to mostly be words, what do you think?
And you can do really smart things actually, see for instance Red is my Heart here below.

As usual, I went chronologically, starting by books I read most recently.
The last two do have some illustrations, but it is so simple, that I thought I could add them here. Plus what they did with these two titles is very smart when you know the content.

Top Ten Typography

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Paris in July 2022: Day 4

Paris in July 2022 (Bigger Sunset)

Paris in July 2022
Co-hosted by Readerbuzz and Thyme For Tea

Day 4

So far this year, I have read 24 books in French, plus two translated from the French.
So I’m going to take a few posts to talk to you about them, by chronological order.

Click on the covers to read my full review, or get more details on the book.

Read in January:

  Red is my Heart Gravé dans le sable

Red is My Heart was actually my very first read of the year!
VERDICT: If you want to begin 2022 with love and beauty, heart and art, run right away under the glow of Red is My Heart.

Gravé dans le sable :
I loved it all: all the historical and geographical details (from Normandie to several states in the US), the power of politics and money, daily life in a French village.
Great characters, more complex than at first site.
Also, how some very powerful women take fate in their own hands, and others end up victims.
And obviously an incredible suspense.

  Les Fourmis Entre deux mondes

Les Fourmis :
Wow, impressive scifi by a new to me French author.
When we think scifi, we often think extra-terrestrial creatures.
But what about “infra-terrestrial” ones?
When Jonathan inherits a house form an uncle, he gets a letter from him, telling him never to go down to the cellar! Of course, one day, he does go down, I don’t think that’s a surprising spoiler. And then his wife does as well. When they don’t come back up, their young son finally calls the police…

Entre deux mondes :
Phew, what a punch in the stomach. Can I listen to a more powerful historical mystery in 2022? I doubt it.
This is about the terrible situation of migrants in our world today, from Syria to the awful Jungle, the Calais refugee camp in France, just before it was dismantled. With their dreams of crossing to the UK.
I read this in January and it is still very present to me.

  L'inconnue de la Seine L'Affaire Saint-Fiacre

L’Inconnue de la Seine :
It was ok. There were some interesting elements, especially related to the theater and to Dionysus, but some aspects I didn’t like too much, like three different variations on mental health.

L’Affaire Saint-Fiacre :
The first half of the book was excellent, with great atmospheric details, as Simenon knows how to do. It was also involving Maigret more personally, and painfully so, as the crime sends him back to where he lived as child.
An old countess is found dead at church shortly after Mass. But no one seemed to have come around her to kill her, so how was is done? By whom? Why?
Unfortunately, the plot got really muddled

Les Chemins du cœur

Les Chemins du cœur :
The book is a collection of 15 articles on various topics. I shared lots of notes and translated them into English.


Top Ten Books with adjectives in the title

Top Ten Books with adjectives in the title

TTT for March 22, 2022

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For this list, I started from my latest reads. I also only considered the presence of an adjective in the title -not in the subtitle- and only selected books I liked.

top ten adjective 1

My reviews:
📚 The Clairvoyant Countess
📚 The Final Days of Abbot Montrose
VERDICT:  A clever plot symbolizing different layers of the Norwegian society of early 20th century. A nice glimpse into the impressive work of Sven Elvestad, aka Stein Riverton.
📚 Red is my Heart
VERDICT: If you want to begin 2022 with love and beauty, heart and art, run right away under the glow of Red is My Heart.
📚 Une Rose seule (A Single Rose)
📚 L’Ombre chinoise [the Chinese shadow] – published as The Shadow Puppet

top ten adjective 2

My reviews:
📚 The Little Wooden Robot and the Log Princess
📚 The Satanic Verses
📚 Double Indemnity
VERDICT: You like feisty heroines and a lot of action and suspense? Buy the book and meet Mel today!
📚 The Thirteenth Tale
📚 The Hands on French Cookbook
VERDICT: The most yummy book I have read this year. Cook and learn French at the same time!

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