Book review: Sagan, Paris 1954 – I love France #165

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Sagan, Paris 1954

Sagan Paris 1954

Author: Anne Berest
Translator: Heather Lloyd
Publisher: Gallic Books
Release date: September 1, 2015
Sagan 1954
was first released in French in April 2014
Pages: 173
ISBN: 978-1908313898
also available as ebook
Genre: Fiction


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As a faithful reader of Words And Peace, you know you can expect all kinds of books here. Today, I’d like to present a rather unusual one. As you can see from the title, Sagan, Paris 1954, it is about a very famous French woman. See what the hype was all about back then in 1954 when she published Bonjour Tristesse.
By the way, this is so weird the English title of Sagan’s novel is actually the French title. For me, it does not make any sense, as in the first paragraph of the book the English translator uses the word sorrow to translate tristesse in the text, but not in the title.
Anyway, this was just my translator rant, but the book I’m presenting today is not Bonjour Tristesse, but about it.
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