Book review: Valerie


by Sara Stridsberg
Translated from the Swedish by
Deborah Bragan-Turner
MacLehose Press
Originally published as Drömfakulteten
in 2006
Genre: Fiction
352 pages


Tomorrow April 18, I’ll post here the shortlist our Shadow Panel came up with for the Man Booker International 2019.
I was part of this adventure four years ago, but at the time I DNFed a lot of the books longlisted.
This time, I managed to read 12 out of the 13 books. And to be a better judge, I refrained from DNFing the three books I found quite bad, including Valerie (US title) or The Faculty of Dreams (UK title), one that I found absolutely horrible.
On a regular basis, I would never finish such a book, and certainly not bother taking time to present it on my blog, but as it’s part of this adventure, I feel I have to.
Another unusual feat for me is also that I presented to you these 12 books in good time.

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