20 Books of Summer 2022: it’s a wrap

20 books of summer


20 Books of Summer 2022:
it’s a wrap

Thanks to 746books.com I participated in this challenge from June 1 to August 31, for the third time.

Here were my original 20 books:

20 books of summer a

I am very happy, because I stuck pretty close to this list (rather unusual for me, lol), with 16 done and 2 more started.

AND I actually read almost as many books that were NOT on that original list:

20 books of summer b

I finished 7 in June, 12 in July, and 9 in August

Statistics wise, that’s:

28 books (7 on paper, 10 ebooks, and 11 audiobooks)
That’s a total of 4,929 pages (average of 53 pages/day)

And 95H46 of audio time (average of 1H02/day).

If I convert these audiobooks into pages, that’s 3,399 pages (average of 36 pages/day).
So the total in pages is 8,328 (average of 90 pages/day).

My original goal was 5,946 pages (average of 64 pages/day), so I’m very happy with this summer reading.

Genre wise – a nice mix
And 16 of these were classics
The oldest book was published in 1865, the most recent on July 16, 2022
Mystery: 10                – favorites: The Bride Wore Black / Confessions
Literary fiction: 6        – favorite: Ensemble, c’est tout
Scifi: 4                       – favorite: Upgrade
Nonfiction: 3              – favorite: L’Enfer numérique
Historical fiction: 3    – favorite: So Big
Play: 1
Fantasy: 1

Library: 11
Web: 7
Owned: 4
Netgalley: 2
EStories (audio subscription): 2
Print review copy: 2

English: 13
French: 10
Translated into English: 5
(2 from the Japanese, 2 from the French, 1 from the Russian)

My disappointments
I was disappointed with only #2, 11, and 19.
My conclusion: you REALLY need to read all the others!

Click here or one of the above charts to access my full chart

How many books did you read this Summer?
Which ones were your favorites or your disappointments?

20 Books of Summer 2022

20 books of summer


Once again, 746books.com organizes a special challenge:

20 Books of Summer
June 1-August 31

I am back for my 3rd participation.

So here is the file with my 20 books.
Beside 3 books for review, and 3 Japanese titles I didn’t get to read during the Japanese Literature Challenge, all my books are books on my TBR list, and most of them even on my physical shelves!

I color coded the genres. Nice diversity. I think:
nonfiction, play, literary fiction, science fiction, mystery.

Feel free to copy the format if it’s of any help for you.

I will update it as I go along :

How many of these have you read?
Which one is your favorite?

Recap on my 20 Books of Summer 2021

20 books of summer


Once again, 746books.com organized the 20 Books of Summer challenge from
June 1-August 31.
I’m not going to be able to finish another book today, so time has come from my recap.

I’m super happy with my results:
I ended up reading 37 books (22 in print and 15 in audio). I had read 28 in Summer 2020, so that’s a lot more.
That’s a total of 6,646 pages, actually 10,053 pages if I convert my audiobooks in print, which is an average of 109 pages/day.

Of these 37 books, 13 were from my original list!
From my original 20 titles, I DNFed 3 books and decided not to read one, as I realized it was actually horror, not thriller, and I don’t like horror as a genre.
I’m planning on reading my last 4 books from that list very soon.

A few more stats from the books I read this summer:

  • manga: 3
  • literary fiction: 3
  • historical fiction: 3
  • nonfiction: 9
  • mystery: 20

19 titles were classics.
4 audio books were from the Old Testament – I’m done listening to all the books of the Old Testament.
9 audiobooks were for my project to listen to all of Hercule Poirot,

The biggest issue is that I reviewed very few of these books. I’m planning to do short reviews of them these coming weeks.

I would like to highlight a few favorites from this list, though so many were so good:

  The Code Breaker Midaq Alley  

  Tension extrème The Madness of Crowds  

Here is the detailed file with the books I read:
Feel free to copy the format if it’s of any help for you.

How did YOUR summer of reading go?
How many of these have you read?

Which one is your favorite?