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Welcome to my book blog!

Here, you will find mostly reviews about good books I read,
to give you ideas on what to read next.

  • A variety of genres, fiction and nonfiction, graphic novels,

    brand new books as well as classics.

  • Books on paper, ebooks, audiobooks.

There’s something here for you!

Share your thoughts in comments, let’s talk books!

In Spring 2013, I launched France Book Tours: virtual book tours for books set in/about France. It offers great marketing value for affordable price, and great perks for reviewers!
Hashtag #franceBT


In case you have not guessed yet, I LOVE reading!

I learned how to read when I was about 4, because I kept bugging my mother telling her  all day long that I was bored. It was in France, in a tiny little village, 250 inhabitants, no kindergarten, nothing for young kids.

So my mother figured out that if she taught me how to read, I would leave her alone. It worked, and that was the beginning of an incurable obsession.

There was no library either in the village – later, I would have access to some books through school. So I would read ANYTHING printed I could find. A very common scene was me lying on my stomach on the floor, reading the newspaper opened in front of me – the newspaper was too big for me, that was the only way I could easily read and turn the pages. And I was VERY upset when my parents would take too much time reading the news and depriving me of my most precious treasure.

Unfortunately, while discerning what to carry in my suitcase when I crossed the Ocean back in 2001, I destroyed the list of all the books I had read. I had started that list about 20 years before. I restarted a new one in 2001.

What do I read? about anything and almost everything. I enjoy fiction as much as non-fiction. I LOVE the Middle Ages, and medieval historical novels are a delight.

Some years ago, thanks to my awesome public library, I started listening to audiobooks, and I enjoy it very much – I have never been but impressed by the fantastic job of the narrators. It is a real treat for me to listen to audiobooks when I do house chores and when I paint.

I also always have an ebook going on, sometimes two, one on my Kindle and one on my Nook, thanks to my awesome public library (3 databases to download ebooks and audiobooks) and to all the free ebooks I receive from publishers to review (directly or thanks to Netgalley and Edelweiss).

Eiffel Tower Orange

I mentioned painting.

I’m actually a French artist living in Illinois, USA.

I paint on rocks, all kinds of things, all sizes, following my inspiration and what customers desire me to paint on a rock for them, whether it be their dear pet who just passed away, of their favorite log cabin.

My art is displayed on


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Eiffel Tower Orange

 I’m also an English-French literary translator.
You can see here the novels I have translated so far

Eiffel Tower Orange

And I give French classes online (using skype – $23/hour).


Words And Peace is growing and attracts many followers eager to read about books, writing, and also topics related to France and French literature.

Guest-posts, with or without a giveaway, are most welcome on Words And Peace and will be promptly scheduled for a very small fee ($7). Contact me to get more details.
Looking forward to working with you and hosting you.


Be aware that I will NOT automatically accept any book you send me to review, if I didn’t request it.
I will choose what I want to read, and if you first spend some time on my blog,
you can get a fair idea of the kind of books I read or not.
However, I answer promptly every personal email you send me,
unless your pitch is totally irrelevant to my blog:
for instance if you ask me to review a horror book, it means you have not spent even 2 minutes on my blog, otherwise you would have noticed I never read that genre.
Therefore I will not waste my time answering your mass marketing email.

when you enter a giveaway, I keep your email address only until a winner has been chosen and has confirmed. After that, I delete the form where your answers were stored during the duration of the giveaway. If you win and you email me your mailing address, I delete this email as soon as I have mailed you the book.

Book reviews:
updated 07/21/2021
In full compliance with FTC Guidelines, I receive books/ebooks/audiobooks free of charge from Netgalley, Edelweiss+, from book tours, or directly from authors/publishers.
I am in no way compensated for my reviews as a book reviewer, and the thoughts are my own.
This policy is repeated in each review post.
If it is not there, it means I bought the book I reviewed, or checked it out at my public library.
When I post a review, the link is posted on Twitter and Facebook, (and sometimes on Pinterest and Instagram, or when requested).
I also post my reviews on Goodreads, on Amazon (not since they banned me, like many book bloggers), on Barnes & Noble, and on other platforms as requested.