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Book review: The Principle

the-principleThe Principle
Le Principe

I recently discovered a wonderful British site, The European Literature Network, intent on “spreading the word about European literature, with journalist Rosie Goldsmith, “a champion of European literature” and Anna Blasiak, “literature-mad” and a published translator. Could you dream better company?
I was thrilled to be asked by The European Literature Network, to write a #RivetingReview of Le Principe, by Jérôme Ferrari, with its upcoming English translation.

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Book review: The World Between Two Covers

The World Between Two Covers

The World Between Two Covers:
Reading the Globe

Before 2012, Ann Morgan considered herself rather “a literary xenophobe”, reading mostly British and American writers. At the suggestion of a fellow book blogger, she decided to change that and lunch into an amazing project: to read a book coming from each country of the world and to review them on her blog A Year of Reading the World.

Part-penance, part-prophylactic, this undertaking would, I hoped, atone for my years of literary insularity and inoculate me against the narrowness of mind that such a restricted diet of reading matter must have predisposed me towards. It would be the corrective treatment that my stunted and anemic reading needed.
Page 7

Fascinated myself by world literature, I eagerly followed her reviews, as she ticked each country, one after the other.

Then, I realized she was publishing a book about her experience. Ann graciously sent me The World Between Two Covers some time after that. Always behind some urgent reading deadline, only recently did I finally take time to read and savor every line of it.

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