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Book review: The Muralist

The Muralist

The Muralist

I really enjoyed The Art Forger in 2015, even though it looks like I never took time to review it. So I requested The Muralist on Netgalley shortly after, and finally read it… last February! High time to review it!!
Not sure why this procrastination, as I really enjoyed both books of the author. They are both historical mysteries based on art, totally my alley.


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Book review: Beyond the Wild River

Beyond the Wild River


Beyond the Wild River

Sarah Maine
Atria Books | Simon & Schuster

US Release date:
April 18, 2017
also available as ebook
historical mystery


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Last year, I appreciated very much Sarah Maine’s first novel, The House Between Tides. So when I was offered to review her latest one, Beyond the Wild River, I happily accepted. It was just as enjoyable.

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Book review: Hell’s Gate

Hell's Gate

Hell’s Gate

Let’s be honest: when I received Hell’s Gate from Gallic Books, who are so gracious to send me many novels translated from the French, I warned them I might not read it.

The reason being a few expressions in the synopsis that usually tell me the book is not for me: “supernatural elements”, “relationship between the living and the dead” (I am a Christian, and do believe in such a relationship, but the way novelists treat it is rarely compatible with my faith), and “a way he could bring his son back from the dead.”
On the other hand, the author was Laurent Gaudé, who won the Prix Goncourt for another of his novels, and I have actually never read this author! And I usually do recognize the worth of that French literary award. So I thought I give it a try and go from there.
So I started very hesitantly. So much so that at 50% of the book, I still was not sure I was going to continue! And then something clicked, and oh my!

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