Six degrees of separation: From Daisy Jones to Japan


Six degrees of separation:
From Daisy Jones to Japan

Using my own rules for this fun meme hosted by Kate at Booksaremyfavouriteandbest (see there the origin of the meme and how it works – posted the first Saturday of every month), I started with Daisy Jones and ended up in Japan!
Come with me!

Here are my own quirky rules:

1. Use your list of books on Goodreads
2. Take the first word of the title offered and find another title with that word in it
3. Then use the first word of THAT title to find your text title
4. Or the second if the title starts with the same word, or you are stuck

Daisy Jones & the Six  The One And Only Ivan

 To Open One's Heart  Open World

 The Secret World of Arrietty  Ikigai

1. Daisy Jones and the Six
I haven’t read this book and have no intention to do so. I couldn’t find any book on my Goodreads shelf with the first two words, so I had to go with and.

2. The One and Only Ivan
From my review: “Applegate has a knack for writing deep stories full of wisdom, in a very accessible style for middle graders.”

3. To Open One’s Heart
A beautiful short book on the heart in Orthodox spirituality. Unfortunately, I never took the time to review t, so here’s the Goodreads synopsis:
“There are many ways to open one’s heart. The heart is opened in those who love, and yet the heart is injured in those who sorrow. It is a deep well, and he who plumbs its depths can find spiritual wonders. The heart is the locus of the person— emotional, physical, and moral. But over and above all these dimensions, the heart is also the place of spiritual encounter with God.
Since God is constantly inviting each person to open his heart, he also wishes to heal those whose hearts have been bruised or injured by the hardships of life. Drawing freely from the writings of Scripture, the saints, and even Pascal, Michel Evdokimov offers an initiation into this spirituality of the heart born out of the traditions of Orthodox Christianity.”

4. Open World: The Collected Poems 1960-2000
This one has been on my TBR for a while. It looks like these nature poems should talk to my heart.
“His vision is a remarkably consistent one and the same elements recur again and again—rocks, sea, mist, gulls and the natural world.”
Have you read this Scottish poet?

5. The Secret World of Arrietty
Sad, but gorgeous art, so detailed, so good with nature, colors. Totally my cup of tea!It is actually a Film Comic Adaptation, I didn’t even know such a thing existed before I discovered Miyazaki, one of my major 2019 discoveries.

6. Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life
From my review: “Fascinating, about the Japanese concept of ikigai – a reason for living, as the root of happiness. This little book is packed with goodness, lots of great tips on health.”


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Book review: Cocktails With a Dead Man

cocktails with a dead man


Cocktails With a Dead Man
by  Joe Albanese
Genre: Poetry
106 pages

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I used to be a great lover of poetry in my native language, French. My most favorite poet is actually Spanish speaking, Pablo Neruda. The rhythm of his lines in Spanish is remarkable.
But, apart from a few examples, poetry has always been a challenge for me in English. So when the author contacted me, I thought I might try Cocktails With a Dead Man.

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Mailbox Monday January 28

Mailbox Monday2

Mailbox Monday


  the night before   cocktails with a dead man

The Night Before:
release date May 14
Sometimes, you enter so many giveaways, you don’t remember. Or do you keep track?
I’d like to know your practice on that.
Anyway, I was happily surprised when I got a package form St. Martin’s Press, with an ARC I had won.
I know nothing about the book, and will dive into it blindly, as I have already thoroughly enjoyed two books by Wendy Walker: All is Not Forgotten and Emma in the Night.

Cocktails With a Dead Man:
released on January 15
A collection of 74 poems. I have not read poetry for a while, and the author sounds interesting, so I accepted his ebook for review