Bout of Books 22: Day 5 challenge

Bout of Books 22


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The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized
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Bout of Books 22:

Day 5 Challenge

Space Scavenger Hunt

You all like a scavenger hunt, right? This one is space themed.
Use the guidelines below. Participate as much as you can.
This is a challenge, so you don’t have to get them all to win. If you have fun, you win.

Mercury – Favourite short story/novella
Venus – Favourite book with female protagonist
Earth – Favourite book about nature/nature word in the title
Mars – Favourite book with a red cover
Jupiter – Favourite tome over 500 pages
Saturn – Favourite book with circle/ring on the cover/in the title
Uranus – Favourite book set in winter
Neptune – Favourite book set at sea, on a boat, or under water
Pluto – Favourite books featuring a dog/with a dog on the cover
Moon – Favourite book set anywhere other than Earth
Sun – Favourite book set in summer
Space – Favourite book set in space

Thanks to Liz (@LizHannah25) for today’s challenge.

Here is a fun challenge. I have to admit the book I chose is not necessarily my favorite of all times in that category, but at least, that’s the one that came first to mind. So here we go. Click on the book covers to access my review/book on Goodreads

 The Story of Your life


Favorite short story/novella


Unexpected Mrs Pollifax Venus

Favorite book with female protagonist

unseen-city Earth

Favorite book about nature/
nature word in the title

Magpie Murders Mars

Favorite book with a red cover

1q84 Jupiter

Favorite tome over 500 pages

Too Close to the Edge Saturn

Favorite book with circle/ring
on the cover/in the title

if on a winter's night Uranus

Favorite book set in winter

under-the-channel Neptune

Favorite book set at sea, on a boat, or under water

The Black Island Pluto

Favorite books featuring a dog/
with a dog on the cover

The Sparrow Moon

Favorite book set anywhere other than Earth

Prodigal Summer Sun

Favorite book set in summer

the-martian-chronicles Space

Favorite book set in space




Top Ten Books on my Spring TBR

Top Ten Books
on my Spring TBR

TTT for March 20, 2018


Happy Spring time!
For today at Top Ten Tuesday, I have selected the top 10 books I plan to read this Spring.
These three are upcoming:

Gallic Noir 1  
Romanov Empress  Ankaran Immersion  

Then I have to read this one for my Classics Spin:

The Face of Another

The rest are on my TBR Challenge


Have you read any of these?
Which one is your favorite?
What’s the book you are most
looking forward to reading this Spring?


Japanese Literature Challenge 2015

Japanese Lit Challenge 9Click on the logo to join.

Dolce Belleza has been graciously hosting the Japanese Literature Challenge for 9 years! This year,  it runs from June 1, 2015 until January 30, 2016. It requires the reading of at least one work of Japanese literature (or poetry) written by a Japanese author (or poet).

I’m posting this super late, but I have already read 3 since June, and plan to read possibly 2 more.

So my list may be something like this:

  1. In a Grove, by Ryunosuke Akugatawa
  2. Rashoumon, by Ryunosuke Akugatawa
  3. The Buried Giant, by Kazuo Ishiguro – listened to, really cool!
  4. The Face of Another by Kobe Abe
  5. Grass on the Wayside, by Soseki

NB: to my immense regret, I had to DNF Wind/Pinball, the most recent volume by my favorite Japanese Haruki Murakami. The volume contains two stories, actually the very first he ever wrote, but only now translated in Engligh.
I only read the first, I felt it was all over the place and I was not able to recognize in it the themes that I enjoy in Murakami’s other books. Maybe one day I’ll dare try the second story, which I heard is actually better!
But all lovers of Murakami should read the introduction by the author. It’s a neat sharing of how he started his writing life. This was the best part of the book for me.

Possible alternative titles for Challenge 9

Strangers”/or In Search of A Distant Voice, by Taichi Yamada

An Artist of the Floating World, by Ishiguro

Manazuru, by Kawakami

Volcano, by Shusaku Endo

I Am A Cat, by Soseki

The Sound of the Mountain, by Yasunari Kawabata

Kitchen, by Banana Yoshimoto