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Book review: Under the Channel


Under the Channel

A quirky thriller à la française.

Friday night in London. John, 45, is considering spending a week-end in Paris. But he hesitates a lot and drinks as he tries to make up his mind to go or not to go.

Working as an estate agent, John is well-to-do, but the Lehman Brothers scandal is starting a financial crisis. He seems to have other shadows looming other him, with his numerous encounters of male partners. Although he enjoys the freedom of having no permanent attachment, John also feels lonely.

Totally drunk, he finally takes the very last train from London to Paris. Midway Under the Channel, the train suddenly stops and all lights go out.


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Book review: The Woman in Cabin 10


The Woman in Cabin 10

I mentioned recently I was now trying to give myself room for “free range reading”, that is, picking up any book that catches my eye when I visit my public library. I saw The Woman in Cabin 10, a book I didn’t have time to read last year, so I grabbed it, and am very glad I did.

Lo works as a journalist for Velocity, a travel magazine company in London.

Despite her nerves being on edge after her flat is burglarized, she accepts an assignment to cover a cruise to the Northern Lights leaving two days later, as this could be a source of promotion for her.
The Aurora Borealis, with only 10 cabins, is owned by a rich businessman, Richard Bullmer. This will actually be the maiden voyage of the small ship.

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WWW Wednesdays February 15


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WWW Wednesdays


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