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Book review: The Sacred Night


The Sacred Night
La Nuit sacrée

Coincidence? Travel the World With Books (#TTWIB) decided to focus on North African authors this month, and Morocco happened to be the country featured at the Paris Book Fair this year. Great opportunity to read a Moroccan novelist, with this little book found on my shelf: La Nuit sacrée, which received the Prix Goncourt in 1987.


Coïncidence? Le groupe de Travel the World With Books (#TTWIB) a choisi de se concentrer sur les auteurs nord-africains, et le Maroc était le pays à l’honneur au Salon du Livre de Paris cette année. Bonne occasion à saisir pour lire un romancier marocain, avec ce petit livre trouvé sur mon étagère : La Nuit sacrée qui reçut le Prix Goncourt en 1987.

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Book review: Adolfo Kaminsky: A Forger’s Life


Adolfo Kaminsky:
A Forger’s Life:

I have read plenty of WWII novels and biographies, and Adolfo Kaminsky: A Forger’s Life could easily be the most unique and fascinating. Click to continue reading

Book review and giveaway: The Enemies of Versailles

Sally Christie

on Tour

March 20-31



The Enemies of Versailles

(historical fiction)

Release date: March 21, 2017
at Atria Books/Simon & Schuster

416 pages

ISBN: 978-1501103025

Website | Goodreads

Eiffel Tower Orange

I recently reviewed Marie-Antoinette’s Darkest Days, focusing on Marie-Antoinette’s last months in prison. Now with The Enemies of Versailles, we are looking at an earlier period, coinciding with Marie-Antoinette’s arrival in France, as a young 14 year old. But this historical novel is far more than that, it’s a large fresco on the end of Louis XV’s reign as well as the end of an era.

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