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Book review: Oswald: Return of the King


Oswald: Return of the King
(The Northumbrian Thrones #2)

Three years ago (already!!), I presented here Edwin: High King of Britain. I really enjoyed it. So when Oswald: Return of the King became available on Netgalley, I requested it, and then left it there for ever…
In my effort to clean my bookshelves, this was the last title that had been sitting on my Netgalley shelf for far too long. Yes, I did it! (Please clap here, merci). So now, I only have very recent titles, and I plan to keep it that way.
Before telling you more about this second book in the series, admire the beauty of the book cover, in the same style as the first book. Very classy, and the raven is actually an important character in the book.


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Review and giveaway: The Frenchman

Lise McClendon

on Tour

September 8-21



The Frenchman


Release date:
September 8, 2017
at Thalia Press

278 pages




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Three years ago (already!), I presented to you Merle and her sisters in The Girl in the Empty Dress. So I’m thrilled to invite you back in Dordogne today and in the Sancerre (good wine!) region, especially as The Frenchman is a really neat mix with a historical novel nestled in a mystery!
I have to say I enjoyed it doubly, as I’m currently translating the first novel in the series into French!

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Book review: Enigma



This is the 21st book in the series, so it was about time I tried. However, I didn’t feel lost in Enigma, even though I did not read the previous books. There’s a lot going on here for FBI agents Dillon and Sherlock.


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