Book review and giveaway: Exposed

ExposedJean-Philippe Blondel

on Tour
May 15-28

Release date: June 4, 2019
at New Vessel Press
157 pages
ISBN: 978-1939931672

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In The 6:41 to Paris, Blondel featured two characters who reconnected after many years, while mostly focusing on their thoughts. There are similarities in Exposed, with even more lyricism.

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Spotlight and giveaway: Robot, Take the Wheel

Book Details:

Book Title:
Robot, Take the Wheel: The Road to Autonomous Cars and the Lost Art of Driving by Jason Torchinsky
Category: Adult Non-Fiction, 207 pages
Genre: Automobile Technology, Car enthusiasts
Publisher: Apollo Publishers
Release date: May 7, 2019
Tour dates: May 6 to 24, 2019
Content Rating: PG (this book is accessible to everyone)

Book Description:

From the witty senior editor of Jalopnik, Gizmodo Media’s acclaimed website devoted to cars, technology, and more, comes a revealing, savvy, and humorous look at self-driving cars.

Self-driving cars sound fantastical and futuristic and yet they’ll soon be on every street in America. Whether it’s Tesla’s Autopilot, Google’s Waymo, Mercedes’s Distronic, or Uber’s 24,000 modified Volvos, companies across industries and throughout the world are developing autonomous cars. Even Apple, not to be outdone, is rumored to be creating its own technology too.

In Robot, Take the Wheel, Jason Torchinsky explores the state of the automotive industry. Through wit and wisdom, he explains why autonomous cars are being made and what the future of automated cars is. Torchinsky encourages us to consider autonomous cars as an entirely new machine, something beyond cars as we understand them today. He considers how we’ll get along with these robots that will take over our cars’ jobs, what they will look like, what sorts of jobs they may do, what we can expect of them, how they should act, ethically, how we can have fun with them, and how we can make sure there’s still a place for those of us who love to drive with manual or automatic transmission.

This unique and highly readable volume is brimming with industry insider information and destined to be a conversation starter. It’s a must-have for car lovers, technology geeks, and everyone who wants to know what’s on the road ahead.

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About the Author:
JASON TORCHINSKY is senior editor of Jalopnik, a website devoted to news and opinions about all things automotive. As a writer and artist, he is known for his articles, artworks, talks, and videos about cars, technology, and culture. He has raced cars, wrecked cars, and driven possibly one of the most dangerous cars ever made with the King of Cars on the Emmy-winning Jay Leno’s Garage. He lives in North Carolina.Connect with the author: Twitter

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The top 8 books to read in May 2019

Here are

The top 8 books
I plan to read in May 2019

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     If you love me

the night before Talk to me

Don Quixote
For the 2nd part, I’m doing a read-along with Lory at The Emerald City. I’m sup[er super slow on this, the problem being, I read the book on the computer, as I have other books already going on 3 devices… and print of course. And all my work is already on the computer, so at the end of the day, either I’m tired of it, or I forget I need to spend more time there for Don Quixote!

If You Love Me: Serving Christ and the Church in Spirit and Truth
Wonderful book for all Christians.

The Night Before
I thoroughly enjoy this author. I have read All Is Not Forgotten and Emma in the Night.
In this one, it is so twisted, in a very good way, that so far, I don’t know if the main character is the culprit or the victim, or neither, or both!!

Talk To me
The subtitle tells you all this is about. So far, an excellent overview of the recent evolution in the field, and what’s coming.


ExposedThe Sentence is Death

This is for France Book Tours.
I have really enjoyed the author’s previous book, The 6:41 to Paris.

The Sentence is Death
This is the sequel to The Word is Murder. It should be good, just by judging by the clever titles. And this author is so amazing!

I should also be reading The Dream of the Red Chamber, by Cao Xueqin, which is my Classics Spin #20, but I still don’t know which edition I should choose!! Help please!


         Sang famille

Sang Famille
Ah ah! Estories now has this book published last year!
I thoroughly like the suspense and twists, well as always in Bussi’s books.

J’ai dû rêver trop fort
So cool! I had to wait for a year to get the previous one on EStories, but his latest is already available! You should check EStories for your audiobook subscription – this is the only way I can listen to contemporary French novels. Cheaper than competitive companies, great app.


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