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Book review: The Principle

the-principleThe Principle
Le Principe

I recently discovered a wonderful British site, The European Literature Network, intent on “spreading the word about European literature, with journalist Rosie Goldsmith, “a champion of European literature” and Anna Blasiak, “literature-mad” and a published translator. Could you dream better company?
I was thrilled to be asked by The European Literature Network, to write a #RivetingReview of Le Principe, by Jérôme Ferrari, with its upcoming English translation.

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Book review: Three Days and a Life

trois-jours et une vie audioTrois jours et une vie
Three Days and a Life

Thanks to iRead Book Tours, I was recently offered a free credit to listen to a book through eStories.
When I browsed their titles, I was really excited to discover some audiobooks in French, and recently released at that. When I discovered Pierre Lemaitre’s latest novel was available, Trois jours et une vie, my choice was made.
I have listened to a few audiobooks narrated by volunteer readers on Librivox and the like, but I believe this is actually my first experience with a commercial audiobook of a recently released work in my native language. With an author I enjoy a lot and a great French actor as the narrator, Philippe Torreton, I had all the ingredients of a wow experience!

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Book review: The Rare Earth Exchange


The Rare Earth Exchange

I introduced you to Bernard Besson in 2013 when I reviewed The Greenland Breach.
Now an award-winning thriller writer, he is “a former top-level chief of staff of the French intelligence services, an eminent specialist in economic intelligence and Honorary General Controller of the French National Police. He was involved in dismantling Soviet spy rings in France and Western Europe when the USSR fell and has real inside knowledge from his work auditing intelligence services and the police.”
So this guy knows what he is talking about in his novels!
Like The Greenland Breach, The Rare Earth Exchange is a spy thriller set in the web of international terrorism and corruption.


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