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Year of reading 2017 statistics

After the list of my 2017 favorites, here are my statistics.
Then tomorrow you can see the fun I had with the titles I read in 2017.

Year of reading 2017
Part 2: Statistics

2017 was an amazing reading year.
I read more books than last year, though apparently shorter ones, so less pages! But the big difference is in audiobooks.
88 books reads (81 in 2016), and 25 listened to (14 in 2016) = 113, which is an average of 9.4/month (7.9 in 2016).

Books read in 2017:
. That’s an average of 7.3/month
Total of 23,037 pages (24,993 in 2016), which is an average of 63 pages/day.
Not counting the 3 books I translated into French.
That’s an average of 203 pages/book, (308 in 2016!)!

Books listened to in 2017:
[14 in 2016]. This is an average of 2.08/month.
Total of 11,654 mn (9,205 min in 2016) with an average of 31 mn/day.
That’s an average of over 8 hours/audiobook.

In graphs, this is what it looks like:

av page 2017

The lowest average in October is due to vacation time

av min 2017

Nice that no average was under 15 mn/day

Genre 2017

Nonfiction and mystery increased since last year

Format 2017

7% more audio than last year!
And so for the first time, less than 50% in print

Authors 2017

= far from the almost perfect balance of last year…

Authors Nationality 2017

4 more countries represented than last year,
and 8 more than 2 years ago!

Languages 2017

less diversity than last year

In translation: 21 [32 in 2016]:

  • 14 from the French
  • 2 from the Italian
  • 1 from the Russian, the German, Japanese, Greek, and Swedish

19 in original language: in French
3 translated by me from English-French

Out of a Total of 85 authors,
48 were new to me (56.04 %. It was 70.5% in 2016)

Books by the same author: 35 [27 in 2016]:
9 by Conan Doyle
7 by Vargas
3 by Louise Penny,  Delahaye, Martinson
and 2 by Crosby, Milton, McClendon, Horowitz, C. S. Lewis

Amour Sans Limites, by Lev Gillet
Martine fête son anniversaire, by Gilbert Delahaye
Paradise Lost, by John Milton

Oldest: Paradise Lost, by John Milton (1667)
Newest: Artemis, by Andy Weir (11/14/2017)

Publication year 2017

13% less of brand new books.
More picky, and working on my TBR!

Source 2017

Now almost as many books from my library than books received for review.
More picky at accepting titles.
More bought bought – due to EStories audio subscription

20 countries these books led me to (22 last year) : France (35), US (20), England (18), Canada (6), Scotland (4), Japan (4), India (2), Italy (2), Australia, Belgium, China, Germany, Iceland, Iraq, Morocco, Norway, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, on the Moon

Shortest book: Martina en bateau, by Gilbert Delahaye – 19 pages (beautiful children book read with a French student)

Longest book: The Secret of the Abbey, by Kathleen C. Perrin563 pages.

Longest audio: Dans les bois éternels, by Fred Vargas – 12:31 hours

Funniest: One Sip at a Time, by Keith Van Sickle

Most Unique Book: The Madeleine Project, by Clara Beaudoux

Most tear-jerker: Charlotte’s Web, by E. B. White

Most disappointing: Artemis, by Andy Weir

Creepy: Two Days Gone, by Randall Silvis

Eye-opener: Born a Crime, by Trevor Noah

Best reading companion: The World Between Two Covers, by Ann Morgan

Beautiful illustrations: The Sherlock Holmes Book (DK)

Biggest discovery: Icon, by Georgia Briggs (Dystopian YA, with Orthodox themes!)

Favorite characters of the year: Armand Gamache (Louise Penny’s series), Adamsberg (Fred Vargas’s series), Alizée (The Muralist), Matteo (Hell’s Gate), Charlotte (Charlotte’s Web), Sorcha (Maiden from the Mist), Arthur (The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper), Tancred (The Hidden Keys), Euphrosyne (Icon), Clémentine (Sous les vents de Neptune)

Classics I finally got to read:
All of Sherlock Holmes
The Screwtape Letters, by C. S. Lewis
Death Comes for the Archbishop, by Willa Cather
Moderato Cantabile, by Marguerite Duras
Till We Have Faces, by C.S. Lewis
The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson
Charlotte’s Web, by E. B. White
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick
My Cousin Rachel, by Daphné du Maurier
The Golden Key, by George MacDonald
Paradise Lost, by John Milton
Paradise Regained, by John Milton
Arsène Lupin, by Maurice Leblanc

Books present for a while on my TBR that I finally got to read (other than the classics just mentioned):
Two Days Gone
Britt-Marie Was Here
The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper
The Golden Key
The Hidden Keys
Everything I Never Told You
The Obituary Writer
The Great and The Good
The Little Paris Bookshop
The Muralist
The Rare Earth Exchange
Under the Channel
Concerto pour quatre mains
L’homme aux cercles bleus

Which authors new to me in 2017 that I now want to keep reading?
Randall Silvis, Gilles Pétel, Georgia Briggs

New Series I want to pursue:
No exciting new series, but keep working on the one by Fred Vargas

Best title: The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains, by Neil Gaiman
Un avion sans elle,
by Michel Bussi

Longest book title:
The Novel of the Century: The Extraordinary Adventure of les Misérables, by David Bellos

Shortest book title: Icon, by Georgia Briggs









Year of reading 2017 – my top 12

Year of reading 2017
Part 1
My top 12

To follow my tradition, here is part 1 of my yearly recap.
There will be a total of 3 parts:

  1. my favorites, with my usual categories, see here below

  2. my stats

  3. my fun list with titles

With 113 books read, this is my best year since I have been doing the Goodreads challenge.
My final choice is based on the quality of the book, on how it resonated with me and my own experience, and on how it stayed with me. Some of these books may actually have got only 4 out 5 Eiffel Towers at the time I read them.


click on the covers to access either my review,
or the Goodreads page for the couple of titles I have not reviewed yet


Fiction Historical Fiction NonFiction Mystery
Hell's Gate the-sun-king-conspiracy The World Between Two Covers Glass Houses


Fiction Historical Fiction NonFiction Mystery
Sourdough The Muralist Manderley Un avion sans elle


Fiction Mystery
The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper Sous les vents de Neptune



Charlotte's Web

YA Dystopian with Orthodox themes

IconSee here a wonderful interview with the author


One Sip at a Time









2017: September wrap-up

September 2017 wrap-up

Not too many books read this month, but a good average for my usual standard.

Here is what I read this past month:

8  books:
6 in print
with 1,559 pages, that is: 51 pages/day
+ 2 audiobooks
with 8H54, that is: 17 mn/day

5 in mystery:

  1. Merle, by Angela Wren – ebook
  2. The Frenchman, by Lise McClendon – ebook
  3. Glass Houses, by Louise Penny
  4. The Hidden Keys, by André Alexis – audiobook
  5. Requiem in Yquem, by Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noel Balen – ebook


  1. The Golden Key, by George MacDonald – audiobook

Magical realism:

  1. Sourdough, by Robin Sloan – ebook

Orthodox dystopia/YA:

  1. Icon, by Georgia Briggs


My favorites in September

    Glass Houses  Icon

A few notes:

  1. It was really hard to pick up 2 favorites this month. I also enjoyed a lot The Hidden Keys, and the much expected Sourdough, by the author of Mr Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore

  2. As you know, I rarely read dystopia or YA, but Icon is UN-BE-LIE-VA-BLE: it was highly recommended by several people at Church. It is very unique, as it is is a REAL dystopia and YA novel, but with Christian Orthodox themes! So so well done!!

Reading Challenges recap

Classics Club: 24/50 (until end of 2018)
Back to the Classics Challenge: 6/6-12
Mount TBR: 16/48
Where Are You Reading?: 21/50 – to be finished in ??

Total of books read in 2017 = 87/100 – so 13 books ahead so far

Number of books added to my TBR in September= 17

Blog recap in September

  • I took part in Bout of Books 20. It was a success for me, with lots of pages read, and tons of bloggers visited, as I decided to volunteer as an Expert this year, which consists basically in encouraging and congratulating the participants as they go along

  • I organized 5 giveaways. The one for October at France Book Tours is now available.

  •  I celebrated my 7th blogiversary on September 29. The winner will be posted on Wednesday

Most popular book review in September


click on the cover to access my review.
Posted 5 years ago.
Yes, again the most viewed this month!!

Most popular post last month
– non book review –

Born a Crime: Chap 9-14 read-along

Book blog that brought me
most traffic this past month

Flashlight Commentary

Top commenters of the month

Inspired by Becca at I’m Lost in Books!
and her Blogger Shout-Outs feature

= 1 point per month for the top 3.
The one who has the most points at the end of the year will receive a gift!
NB: just congratulating winners of giveaways does not count as a real comment 😉

9: Karen at Booker Talk

9: Kristyn at Reading to Unwind

9: Lucy at The Fictional 100 

Blog milestones

1,690 posts
over 4,260 subscribers
over 141,500 hits

Plans for October

  • Catch up with tons of things. For instance, go back and finish The Divine Comedy!!

  • Implement recommendations received through the blogiversary survey

Come back on Monday 2
to see all the books I plan to read in October!

Eiffel Tower OrangeEiffel Tower OrangeEiffel Tower Orange

How was YOUR month of  September?

Month in Review

Kathryn at The Book Date
has created a Month In Review meme
I’ll now be linking my monthly recap posts
Thanks Kathryn, great idea!



















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