Book review: Ensemble, c’est tout

Ensemble, c'est tout

Ensemble, c’est tout
by Anna Gavalda
Published in 2004
574 pages
Literary fiction
Published as Hunting and Gathering
in 2007

I read French Leave by Anna Gavalda in 2011. I liked it, but was not super impressed. But something (or someone??) told me to try another book, and I must have found Ensemble, c’est tout at a second-hand book sale – not easy to find these in French around Chicago! Click to continue reading

Book review: The Daughter of Time

The Daughter of Time

The Daughter of Time,
(Inspector Alan Grant #5)
by Josephine Tey
Published in 1951
206 pages
Historical mystery


I was very impressed by The Man in the Queue, the first book in the Inspector Alan Grant series. Impressed especially by the richness of vocabulary, an element you don’t often find these days in the mystery genre.
So I intended to read the other volumes in order, but then EVERYONE was telling me their favorite was #5: The Daughter of Time.
So I decided to listen to you. And I am sure glad I did!
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Book review: Human Nature

Human Nature

Human Nature,
by Serge Joncour.
Nature humaine
was first published in 2020.
Translated from the French by
Louise Rogers Lalaurie
Gallic Books
US release date 8/22/2022
384 pages
Literary fiction/Historical fiction


Serge Joncour has the knack of writing at the crossroads between humans and nature – beautifully illustrated by the multi-layered title of his latest book translated into English: Human Nature.
I actually read Nature humaine when it came out in French two years ago, but I devoured it without taking time to take notes, and didn’t write a review.
I was thrilled then to receive a review copy in English, giving me the opportunity to read it again and at a deeper level, in an excellent and flowing translation. Click to continue reading