Book review: Café Unfiltered

Café Unfiltered

📚 Café Unfiltered,
by Jean-Philippe Blondel
Translated by Alison Anderson
Café sans filtre
was first published in French in 2022
Literary fiction
Expected publication: July 11, 2023
by New Vessel Press
232 pages
Epub received from the publisher for review

After The 6:41 to Paris and Exposed, I was eager to meet again Blondel’s style that I usually enjoy very much. Plus Café Unfiltered is I believe the first post-Covid novel I have read. Let’s see how it turned out.

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Book review and Giveaway: The Captain

The Captain

📚 The Captain (17 Planets, #1)
by A. R. Alexander
Translated by Maria Harsford
Il Capitano
was first published in Italian in 2021
Expected publication: mid June 2023
by ARAlexanderBooks
Around 300 pages
Epub received from the author for review

The Captain is a science fiction saga that takes place thousands of years in the future. Humans have left Earth and colonized 17 planets across three-star systems. The book explores the relationships between the planets, the characters, and the technology they use.

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Book review: Skin Deep

Skin Deep

📚 Skin Deep
by Antonia Lassa
Translated by Jacky Collins
Llevar en la piel
was first published in Spanish in 2023
by Corylus Books
136 pages
Epub received from the publisher for review
– book tour

Basque author Luisa Etxenike, aka Antonia Lassa, has published more than ten novels, short story collections, plays and a poetry collection, and won literary awards.
She has also contributed for many years to weekly columns on culture and politics in
El País and El Mundo.
She is fluent in Spanish, French, and English and has herself translated several books from the French.

However, this is the first time one of her books has been translated into English, thanks to translator Jacky Collins and the indie press Corylus.
Skin Deep is an engrossing novel, with a large part given to the senses, not surprising if you keep in mind that Antonia Lassa is also a professional enologist.

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