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– 885 titles, as of  10/05/2021 –
FR means the review is mostly in French
Let me know if you notice one of my reviews is not listed here


Kobo Abe, The Woman In The Dunes (1991)
Aravind Adiga, The White Tiger (2008)
Carmen Agra Deedy, The Cheshire Cheese Cat: A Dickens of a Tale (2011)
Ayad Akhtar, American Dervish (2012) audio
Ryunosuke Akutagawa, In A Grove (1922)
Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Rashoumon (1915)
Alain-Fournier, Le grand Meaulnes (1912)
Nelly Alard, Couple Mechanics (2016)
Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noel Balen, Treachery in Bordeaux (2012)
Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noel Balen, Nightmare in Burgundy (2014)
Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noel Balen, Cognac Conspiracies (2015)
Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noel Balen, Mayhem in Margaux (2015)
Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noel Balen, Montmartre Mysteries (2015)
Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noel Balen, Late Harvest Havoc (2015)
Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noel Balen, Tainted Tokay (2016)
Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noel Balen, Requiem in Yquem (2017)
Joe Albanese, Cocktails with a Dead Man (2019) poetry
Edoardo Albert, Edwin: High King of England (2014)
Edoardo Albert, Oswald: Return of the King (2015)
Sholem Aleichem, Tevye the Dairyman & Motl the Cantor’s Son (1894)
Jokha Alharthi, Celestial Bodies (2018)
Trini Amador, Gracianna (2013)
Nina Amir, How to Blog a Book (2015)
Anita Amirrezvani, Equal of the Sun (2012)
Tahmima Anam, A Golden Age (2007)
John Lee Anderson, Che: A Revolutionary Life (2018) graphic “novel”
Jean-Baptiste Andrea, A Hundred Million Years and a Day (2020)
Andreas Andreopoulos, Metamorphosis: the Transfiguration in Byzantine Theology and Iconography (2005)
Andreas Andreopoulos, This is My Beloved Son: The Transfiguration of Christ (2012)
Bryce Andrews, Badluck Way (2013)
Christopher Angel, The Mona Lisa Speaks (2013)
Katherine Applegate, The One and Only Ivan (2012)
Katherine Applegate, Never Glue Your Friends to Chairs (Roscoe Riley Rules #1 – 2008)
Katherine Applegate, Never Swipe a Bully’s Bear (Roscoe Riley Rules #2 – 2008)
atherine Applegate, Crenshaw (2015)
Hiromu Arakawa, Silver Spoon 1  (2011)
Hiromu Arakawa, Silver Spoon 2  (2011)
Carolyn Arnold, Remnants (2017)
Emily Arsenault, The Broken Teaglass (2009)
Margaret Atwood, The Edible Woman (1969)
Juan Tomas Avila Laurel, By Night The Mountain Burns (2014)

Jeff Backhaus, Hikikomori and the Rental Sister (2013)
Pénélope Bagieu, Exquisite Corpse (2015) GN
Sarah Bailey, The Dark Lake (2017)
Sarah Bailey, Into the Night (2018)
Rosecrans Baldwin, Paris, I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down (2013)
Noel Balen and Vanessa Barrot, Minced, Marinated, and Murdered (2018)
Jean-Luc Bannalec, Death in Pont-Aven (2014)
Tomas Bannerhed, The Ravens (2014)
Muriel Barbery, The Elegance of the Hedgehog (2008) audio
Muriel Barbery, Gourmet Rhapsody (2000)
Anne Clinard Barnhill, Queen Elizabeth’s Daughter (2014)
Kirk Bartha, Clairvaux Manifesto (2009)
Will Bashor, Marie Antoinette’s Head (2013)
Will Bashor, Marie Antoinette’s Darkest Days (2016)
Will Bashor, Marie Antoinette’s World: Intrigue, Infidelity, And Adultery
in Versailles (2020)
John Baxter, The Most Beautiful Walk In The World (2011)
Pierre Bayard, How To Talk About Places You’ve Never Been (2016)
Clara Beaudoux, The Madeleine Project (2017)
Béatrix Beck, The Passionate Heart; Léon Morin, prêtre (1952)
Kristen Beddard, Bonjour Kale (2016)
David Bellos, Is That A Fish In Your Ear? (2011)
David Bellos, The Novel of the Century: The Extraordinary Adventure of Les Misérables (2017)
Anouar Belmalek, The Lovers of Algeria (1998)
Marie Benedict, The Other Einstein (2016)
Marie Benedict, Carnegie’s Maid (2018)
Marie Benedict, The Only Woman in the Room (2019)
Marie Benedict, Lady Clementine (2020)
Yamina Benguigui, Inch’Allah Dimanche (2001)
Tahar Ben Jelloun, La Nuit sacrée (1987) FR/EN
Robert Benson, In Constant Prayer (2008)
John Berendt, Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil (1994) audio
Anne Berest, Sagan, Paris 1954 (2015)
Elizabeth Berg, The Dream Lover (2015)
Megan Mayhew Bergman, Birds of a Lesser Paradise (2012)
Bernard Besson, The Greenland Breach (2013)
Bernard Besson, The Rare Earth Exchange (2016)
Nicolas Beuglet, Le cri (2016) audio
Nicolas Beuglet, Complot (2018) audio
Nicolas Beuglet, L’ile du diable (2019) audio
Nancy Bilyeau, The Crown
Nancy Bilyeau, The Chalice (2013)
Nancy Bilyeau, The Tapestry (2015)
Nancy Bilyeau, The Blue (2018)
Nancy Bilyeau, Dreamland (2020)
Laurent Binet, La septième fonction du langage (2015) FR
Laurent Binet, Civilizations (2019) FR
Cara Black, Murder in Montmartre (2006)
Cara Black, Murder Below Montparnasse (2013)
Cara Black, Murder in Pigalle (2014) audio
Cara Black, Murder on the Quai (2016)
Cara Black, Three Hours in Paris (2020) audio
Sarah Blake, The Postmistress (2009) audio
George Blasing, Dinosaurs! (2020)
Jean-Philippe Blondel, The 6:41 to Paris (2015)
Jean-Philippe Blondel, Exposed (2019)
Jean-Philippe Blondel, La grande escapade (2019)
José-Louis Bocquet, The Adventures of Hergé (1999)
Anne Boileau, Katharina Luther: Nun. Rebel. Wife (2016)
Christophe Boltanski, La cache (2015) FR
Mike Bond, Goodbye Paris (2019)
Krissy Bonning-Gould, My First Animal Activity Book (2020)
Adrien Bosc, Constellation (2016)
Jonny Bowden, The Great Cholesterol Myth (2012)
Ray Bradbury, The Martian Chronicles (1949) audio
Ray Bradbury, Killer, Come Back to Me: The Crime Stories of Ray Bradbury (1950s and 60s)
Roman Braga, Exploring The Inner Universe (1996)
Laurin Brainard, Learn to Read: Phonics Storybook (2020)
Kate Braithwaite, Charlatan (2016)
Fabienne Bratschi, Lilu And Dudu: Adventures in Bora Bora (2014) picture book
Eleanor Brown, The Weird Sisters (2011) audio
Jeffrey Brown, Darth Vader And Son (2012) picture book
Jeffrey Brown, Vader’s Little Princess (2013) picture book
Jeffrey Brown, Goodnight Darth Vader (2014) picture book
Nancy Mary Brown, The Far Traveler (2007)
Tom Brown Jr, Tom Brown’s Guide to Healing the Earth (2019)
Marion Brunet, Summer of Reckoning (2020)
Bill Bryson, The Lost Continent: Travels in Small Town America (1989)
Bill Bryson, A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail (2006)
Martin Buber, I And Thou (1923)
Cathy Marie Buchanan, The Painted Girls (2013) audio
Mikhail Bulgakov, The Master And Margarita (1966)
Nancy Burkhalter, The Education of Delhomme: Chopin, Sand & la France (2020)
Dan Burns, No Turning Back (2014)
Michel Bussi, Les Nymphéas noirs (2011)
Michel Bussi, Un avion sans elle (2012)
Michel Bussi, Ne lâche pas ma main (2013)
Michel Bussi, N’oublier jamais (2014)
Michel Bussi, Maman a tort (2015)
Michel Bussi, Le Temps est assassin (2016)
Michel Bussi, On la trouvait plutôt jolie (2017)
Joe Byrd, Monet & Oscar (2021)


Giuseppe Cafiero, Gustave Flaubert: The Ambiguity of Imagination (2017)
James M. Cain, Double Indemnity (1936)
Italo Calvino, If On A Winter’s Night A Traveler (1979)
Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities (1972)
Thad Carhart, The Piano Shop on the Left Bank: Discovering a Forgotten Passion in a Paris Atelier (2000)
Craig Carlson, Pancakes in Paris (2016)
Alejo Carpentier, The Harp And The Shadow (1979)
Michael Casey, Introducing Benedict’s Rule (2007)
Willa Cather, My Antonia
Willa Cather, Death Comes for the Archbishop (1927)
Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote book 1 (1604)
Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote book 2 (1615)
Lan Samantha Chang, All is Forgotten, Nothing is Lost (2010)
Andrea Chapin, The Tutor (2015)
Tom Chatfield, The Gomorrah Gambit (2019)
Ruth Hull Chatlien, The Ambitious Madame Bonaparte (2013)
Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales (1372) audio
Alexander Chee, The Queen of the Night (2016)
Anton Chekhov, Three Sisters (1901) audio
Luch Chomarat, Un Trou dans la toile (2016)
Agatha Christie, The Man In The Brown Suit (1924)
Agatha Christie, Murder On the Orient Express  and here (1934)
Agatha Christie, Death in the Clouds (1935)
Agatha Christie, The ABC Murders (1936)
Agatha Christie, Murder in Mesopotamia (1936)
Agatha Christie, Cards on the Table (1936)
Agatha Christie, Appointment With Death (1937)
Agatha Christie, And Then There Were None (1939)
Agatha Christie, The Witness for the Prosecution and Other Stories (1948) audio
Agatha Christie, Three Blind Mice and Other Stories (1951) audio
Agatha Christie, Endless Night (1967)
Agatha Christie, Dead Man’s Mirror
Agatha Christie, A Caribbean Mystery
Agatha Christie, Sleeping Murder
Agatha Christie, Hercule Poirot’s Christmas
Agatha Christie, The Sittaford Mystery
Sally Christie, The Sisters of Versailles (2015)
Sally Christie, The Rivals of Versailles (2016)
Sally Christie, The Enemies of Versailles (2017)
Tobias Churton, Occult Paris (2016)
Adria J. Cimino, Paris, Rue des Martyrs (2014)
Adria J. Cimino, Close to Destiny (2015)
Adria J. Cimino, Before Paris (2015)
Liu Cixin, Supernova Era (2019)
Liu Cixin, To Hold Up the Sky (2020)
Kayleigh Christina Clark, Healing with Apple Cider Vinegar (2019)
Mary Higgins Clark, Silent Night
Roy Peter Clark, The Glamour of Grammar: A Guide to the Magic and Mystery of Practical English (2010)
Arthur C. Clarke, Childhood’s End (1953)
Ginger L. Clarke, The Fascinating Animal Book for Kids (2020)
Ernest Cline, Ready Player One (2011) audio
Ernest Cline, Armada (2015)
Steven Clontz, Tricky Logic Puzzles For Adults (2020)
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist: A Graphic Novel (2010)
Lizzie Collingham, Curry: A Tale of Cooks And Conquerors (2006)
Libby Cone, Flesh And Grass (2010)
Susan Conley, Paris Was The Place (2013)
Philip Connors, Fire Season: Field Notes From a Wilderness Lookout (2011)
Benjamin Constable, Three Lives of Tomomi Ishikawa (2013)
Benjamin Constable, Love and Invention (2018)
Bernard Cornwell, The Last Kingdom (2004)
Bernard Cornwell, Lords of the North (2005)
Bernard Cornwell, The Pale Horseman (2005)
Bernard Cornwell, Sword Song (2007)
Bernard Cornwell, The Burning Land (2009)
Bernard Cornwell, Death Of Kings (2011)
Bernard Cornwell, The Pagan Lord (2014)
Bernard Cornwell, 1356 (2013)
Laurence Cossé, An Accident in August (2011)
Laurence Cossé, A Novel Bookstore (2009)
Catherine Coulter, Enigma (2017)
Stephanie Cowell, Claude And Camille (2010)
Carol M. Cram, The Towers of Tuscany (2014)
Glen Craney, The Spider and the Stone  (2014)
Michael Crichton, The Andromeda Strain (1969)
Tanya Anne Crosby, Les derniers moments de Florence W. Aldridge (2015)
Tanya Anne Crosby, Au Nord de Folly-sur-Mer (2015)
Tanya Anne Crosby, À l’ouest de la mort (2015)
Tanya Anne Crosby, Le Promis des Highlands t.1 (2016)
Tanya Anne Crosby, The Girl Who Stayed (2016)
Colleen Cross, Rouge vif (2016)
Colleen Cross, Lune bleue (2016)
Colleen Cross, Mise au vert (2016)
Pat Cummings, Trace (2019)

Stephanie Dagg, Heads Above Water: Staying Afloat In France (2012)
Geneviève Damas, If You Cross the River (2019)
Dante, The Inferno (1304)
Kamel Daoud, Meursault, contre-enquête (2014) FR
Dennis M. Day, Stone Killer (2017)
Trisha Day, Inside the School of Charity: Lessons from the Monastery (2009)
Debra Dean, The Madonnas of Leningrad (2007)
Debra Dean, The Mirrored World (2012)
Elisabeth De Châtillon, The Hands On French Cookbook: Connect With French
Through Simple, Healthy Cooking (2021)
Jeff Deck, The Great Typo Hunt (2010)
Jeff Deck, Player Choice (2015)
Grégoire Delacourt, My Wish List (2014)
Mary Delorme, St Bartholomew’s Man (2011)
Catherine Delors, Mistress of the Revolution (2008)
Catherine Delors, For The King (2010)
Valerie Deneen, Dogs! A Coloring and Activity Book for Kids (2020)
Michel Déon, The Great and the Good (2017)
Tatiana de Rosnay, Manderley Forever (2015)
Marcia DeSanctis, 100 Places in France Every Woman Should Go (2014)
Glenda De Vaney, Journeys Through France and Life (2013)
Joost de Vries, The Republic (2019)
Philip K. Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (1968)
Joel Dicker, The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair (2014)
Vanessa Diffenbaugh, The Language of Flowers (2011)
Michael DiGiacomo, The English Grammar Workbook for Adult (2020)
Anthony Doerr, All The Light We Cannot See (2014) audio
Ian Doescher, William Shakespear’s Star Wars (2013)
Ian Doescher, The Empire Striketh Back (2014)
Ian Doescher, The Jedi Doth Return (2014)
Ian Doescher, The Phantom of Menace (2015)
Ian Doescher, Tragedy of the Sith’s Revenge (2015)
Jean D’Ormesson, The Conversation (2011)
David Downie, Paris, Paris: Journey into the City of Light (2011) audio
David Downie, A Taste of Paris (2017)
Maurice Druon, The Iron King (1955/2013)
Maurice Druon, The Strangled Queen (1955/2013)
Daphne Du Maurier, Rebecca (1938)
Daphne Du Maurier, My Cousin Rachel (1951)
Alexandre Dumas, From Absinthe To Zest (1873/2011)
Mark Dunn, Ella Minnow Pea (2001)
Marguerite Duras, Moderato Cantabile (1958)
Christian Durieux, An Enchantment (2011) picture book

David Ebenbach, How to Mars (2021)
Kazuki Ebine, Gandhi: A Manga Biography (2011)
David Ebsworth, The Last Campaign of Marianne Tambour (2015)
Umberto Eco, Numero Zero (2015) audio
Umberto Eco, Chronicles of a Liquid Society (2017)
Timothy Egan, The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl (2005)
Pamel Ellgen, Simple Superfood Soups (2020)
Barbara Scott Emmet, Delirium: The Rimbaud Delusion (2014)
Elizabeth Enright Phillips, Minimalism Room By Room (2020)
Annie Ernaux, The Years (2017)
Jenny Erpenbeck, The End of Days (2014)

Colin Falconer, Isabella, Braveheart of France (2013)
Eric Faye, Nagasaki (2015)
Caro Feely, Grape Expectations: A Family’s Vineyard Adventure in France (2013)
Elizabeth Caulfield Felt, Syncopation (2012)
Jonathan Fenby, France on the Brink (2014)
Jérôme Ferrari, The Principle (2017)
Yves Fey, Floats the Dark Shadow (2012)
Charles Finch, A Beautiful Blue Death (2007)
Jen Fisch, Keto in 30 Minutes (2019)
Jennifer Fisher Bryant, The Right Word: Roget and His Thesaurus (2014) picture book
Jim Forest, The Ladder of the Beatitudes (1999)
Kate Forsyth, Bitter Greens (2014)
Candice Fox, Crimson Lake (2018)
Candice Fox, Redemption Point (2019)
Candice Fox, Gone by Midnight (2020)
Margalit Fox, Conan Doyle for the Defense (2018)
Matti Friedman, The Aleppo Codex (2012) audio
Alan Furst, Midnight in Europe (2014) audio

Michelle Gable, A Paris Apartment (2014)
Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere (2003) audio
Neil Gaiman, Chu’s Day (2013) picture book
Neil Gaiman, The Ocean At the End of the Lane (2013) audio
Damon Galgut, In A Strange Room (2010)
Dianne Gallagher, Too Dark To Sleep (2012)
Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles, Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life (2016)
Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles, The Book of Ichigo Ichie (2019)
Pascal Garnier, Moon in a Dead Eye (2014)
Pascal Garnier, The Islanders (2015)
Pascal Garnier, Too Close to the Edge (2016)
Pascal Garnier, The Eskimo Solution (2016)
Pascal Garnier, The A26 (2018)
Pascal Garnier, How’s the Pain? (2018)
Pascal Garnier, The Panda Theory (2018)
Laurent Gaudé, Hell’s Gate (2017)
Laurent Gaudé, Hear our Defeats (2019)
Tom Gauld, You’re All Just Jealous of my Jetpack (2013) comics
Anna Gavalda, French Leave (2011)
Nina George, The Little Paris Bookshop (2015)
Charles Gibson, Taking The Cross (2014)
Elizabeth Gilbert, The Last American Man (2000)
Lev Gillet, The Year of Grace of the Lord (1980)
Dorothy Gilman, The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax (1966) audio
Dorothy Gilman, The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax (1985) audio
Dorothy Gilman, The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax – audio
Dorothy Gilman, A Palm For Mrs. Pollifax (1973) audio
Dorothy Gilman, Mrs. Pollifax on Safari (1992) audio
Dorothy Gilman, Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station  – audio
Dorothy Gilman, Mrs. Pollifax and the Hong Kong Buddha  – audio
Dorothy Gilman, Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle (1988) audio
Dorothy Gilman, Mrs. Pollifax And The Whirling Dervish (1990) audio
Dorothy Gilman, Mrs. Pollifax and the Second Thief  – audio
Dorothy Gilman, Mrs. Pollifax Pursued  – audio
Dorothy Gilman, Mrs. Pollifax and The Lion Killer – audio
Dorothy Gilman, Mrs. Pollifax, Innocent Tourist (1997) audio
Dorothy Gilman, Mrs. Pollifax Unveiled – audio
Anne Girard, Madame Picasso (2014)
J. Boyce Gleason, Anvil of God (2013)
Annie Goetzinger, The Provocative Colette (2018) graphic “novel”
Nikolai Gogol, And the Earth Will Sit on the Moon (2020)
William Goldman, The Princess Bride (1973)
Matthew Goodman, Eighty Days: Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland’s History-Making Race Around the World (2013) audio
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, vol. 1 (2011) picture book
C. W. Gortner, Mademoiselle Chanel (2015)
C. W. Gortner, The Vatican Princess (2016)
C.W. Gortner, The Romanov Empress (2018)
Alena Graedon, The Word Exchange (2015)
David Grann, The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon (2009)
Helen Grant, The Glass Demon (2011)
Helen Grant, The Vanishing of Katharina Linden (2010) audio
Graham Greene, The End of The Affair (1951)
Conor Grennan, Little Princes (2011)
Juliet Grey, Becoming Marie Antoinette (2011)
Juliet Grey, Days of Splendor, Days of Sorrow (2012)
Juliet Grey, Confessions of Marie Antoinette (2013)
David Grossman, To The End Of The Land (2008) audio
Anselm Grün, Le petit livre de la vie réussie (2017)
Sandra Gulland, The Shadow Queen (2014)


Nicos Hadjicostis, Destination Earth (2016)
Michèle Halberstadt, Mon amie américaine (2016)
Benjamin Hale, The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore (2011)
Danielle Hall, The Challenging Riddle Book for Kids (2020)
Cris Hammond, From Here to Paris (2013)
Josh Hanagarne, The World’s Strongest Librarian (2013)
Sophie Hannah, The Monogram Murders (2014)
Sophie Hannah, The Mystery of Three Quarters (2018)
Sophie Hannah, Perfect Little Children  (2020)
Huda Harajli, All About Weather (2020)
Thomas Hardy, A Pair of Blue Eyes (1873)
David-Michael Harding, How Angels Die (2011)
Kent Haruf, Plainsong (2000)
Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast (1964)
Gay Hendricks, The First Rule Of Ten (2012)
Gay Hendricks, The Second Rule of Ten (2013)
Gay Hendricks, The Third Rule of Ten (2014)
Gay Hendricks, The Fourth Rule of Ten (2015)
David Herlihy, The Lost Cyclist: The Epic Tale of an American Adventurer And His Mysterious Disappearance (2010)
Benjamin Herson, The Great Typo Hunt (2010)
Thor Heyerdahl, The Maldive Mystery (1986)
Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast (1964)
Bethanie Hestermann, Zoo Animals (2020)
Keigo Higashino, The Devotion of Suspect X (2005)
Keigo Higashino, Salvation of a Saint (2012)
Keigo Higashino, Newcomer (2018)
Laura Hillenbrand, Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption (2010)
Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden (1911)
Beth Hoffman, Saving CeeCee Honeycutt (2010)
Donna Hoke, Ultimate Trivia, volume 1 (2019)
Chan Ho-Kei, Second Sister (2020)
Emma Hooper, Etta and Otto and Russell and James (2015) audio
Anthony Horowitz, Alex Rider #1 Stormbreaker (2000)
Anthony Horowitz, Alex Rider #2 Point Blank (2001)
Anthony Horowitz, Alex Rider #3 Skeleton Key (2002)
Anthony Horowitz, Alex Rider #4 Eagle Strike (2003)
Anthony Horowitz, The House of Silk (2011)
Anthony Horowitz, The Word is Murder (2018)
Anthony Horowitz, The Sentence is Death (2019)
Caitlin Horrocks, The Vexations (2019)
Fergus Hume, The Mystery of a Hansom Cab (1886)
Sun-Mi Hwang, The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly (2013)
Natsu Hyuuga, The Apothecary Diaries, vol. 1 (2017)

Yung In Chae, Goddess Power (2020)
Isaac The Syrian, Ascetical Homilies (7th century/2011)
Walter Isaacson, Benjamin Franklin: An American Life (2003) audio
Walter Isaacson, The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution (2014) audio
Walter Isaacson, The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race (2021)
Kazuo Ishiguro, The Buried Giant (2015)
Hamid Ismailov, The Dead Lake (2014)
Claude Izner, Strangled in Paris (2014)

Shirley Jackson, The Lottery (1948)
Andrea Japp, The Lady Agnes Mystery, volume 1 (2015)
Andrea Japp, The Lady Agnes Mystery, volume 2 (2016)
Sébastien Japrisot, Trap For Cinderella (1962)
Sébastien Japrisot, Rider on the Rain (1969)
Yves Jégo and Denis Lépée, The Sun King Conspiracy (2017)
Jerome K. Jerome, Three Men in a Boat (1889) audio
Adam Johnson, The Orphan Master’s Son (2012) audio
Nathanael Johnson, Unseen City (2016)
Suzanne Joinson, A Lady Cyclist’s Guide to Kashgar (2012) audio
Serge Joncour, Wild Dog (2020)
Leslie Jones, Framed (2018)
Melanie Jones, L’Amour Actually (2013)
Sherry Jones, The Sharp Hook of Love (2014)
Sionil José, Dusk (1984)
Pierre Jourde & Éric Naulleau, Le Jourde & Naulleau (2008)
James Joyce, The Dead (1914)
Rachel Joyce, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry (2012)
Rachel Joyce, The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy (2015)

Lene Kaaberbol, The Boy In The Suitcase (2008) audio
Cynthia Kadohata, Kira-Kira (2004)
Franz Kafka, The Metamorphosis (1915)
Charles Kaiser, The Cost of Courage (2015)
Sarah Kaminsky, Adolfo Kamisnky: A Forger’s Life (2016)
Ben Kane, Spartacus: The Gladiator (2012)
Kazuki Kaneshiro, Go (2018)
Han Kang, The Vegetarian (2016)
Jonas Karlsson, The Room (2015)
Jonas Karlsson, The Invoice (2016)
Yoram Katz, The Kabbalist (2013)
Toshikazu Kawaguchi, Before the Coffee Gets Cold (2019)
Hiromi Kawakami, The Ten Loves of Nishino (2019)
Frances Kazan, The Dervish (2013)
Carolyn Keene, The Secret of the Old Clock (1930) audio
Mary Louise Kelly, The Bullet (2015)
Martha Kennedy, Martin of Gfenn (2016)
Kimberly Ann Kiedrowski, Learn to Read: Sight Words Storybook (2020)
Paulita Kincer, The Summer of France (2012)
Paulita Kincer, I See London, I See France (2013)
Chris King, 100 Large-Print Crossword Puzzles (2020)
Laurie R. King, The Bones of Paris (2013)
Barbara Kingsolver, Flight Behavior (2012)
Barbara Kingsolver, Unsheltered (2018)
Nadieszda Kizenko, A Prodigal Saint: Father John of Kronstadt and the Russian People (2000)
Leonore Klein, Henri’s Walk To Paris (2013) picture book
Lucy Knisley, French Milk (2008)
Herman Koch, Summer House With Swimming Pool (2014)
Karleen Koen, Before Versailles: A Novel of Louis XIV (2011)
Elizabeth Kostova, The Shadow Land (2017)
Dezső Kosztolányi, Skylark (1924)
Linda Kovic-Skow, French Illusions (2012)
Linda Kovic-Skow, French Illusions: From Tours to Paris (2015)
Gary Krist, City of Scoundrels (2012)
Linda Kurniadi, One-Pot Cooking for Two (2019)
Kristy Ann Kutch, The New Colored Pencil (2014)
Jean Kwok, A Girl in Translation (2010)

Jhumpa Lahiri, In Other Words (2016)
Michael Landweber, We (2013)
Jean-Claude Larchet , Therapy of Spiritual Illnesses (1991/2012)
Erik Larson, In The Garden of Beasts (2011) audio
Hope Larson, A Wrinkle In Time: The Graphic Novel (2012)
Andrew Latham, The Holy Lance (2015)
Antoine Laurain, The President’s Hat (2013)
Antoine Laurain, French Rhapsody (2016)
Antoine Laurain, Smoking Kills (2018)
Antoine Laurain, Vintage 1954 (2019)
Antoine Laurain, The Readers’ Room (2020)
Victor LaValle, Lucretia And The Kroons (2012)
Sophie Law, Olga’s Egg (2018)
Sarah Layden, Trip Through Your Wires (audiobook 2016)
Sergei Lebedev, Oblivion (2016)
Sergei Lebedev, The Goose Fritz (2019)
Maurice Leblanc, Arsene Lupin, Gentleman-Thief (1907)
Laura Lebow, The Figaro Murders (2015)
Laura Lebow, Sent to the Devil (2016)
Laura Lebow, The Song Peddler of the Pont Neuf (2018)
John Le Carré, The Spy Who Came In From The Cold (1963)
Ursula K. Le Guin, The Wizard of Earthsea (1968)
Stanislaw Lem, Solaris (1961)
Pierre Lemaitre, Au revoir là-haut (2013)
Pierre Lemaitre, Irène (2014)
Pierre Lemaitre, Alex (2014)
Pierre Lemaitre, Blood Wedding (2016)
Pierre Lemaitre, Trois jours et une vie (2016)
Ben Lerner, Leaving the Atocha Station (2011)
Gaston Leroux, The Phantom of the Opera (1909) audio
David LeRoy, The Siren of Paris (2012)
Vicki Lesage, Confessions of a Paris Party Girl (2014)
Vicki Lesage, Confessions of a Paris Potty Trainer (2014)
Vicki Lesage, Petite Confessions (2015)
Nikolai Leskov, On the Edge of the World (1875)
Brent LeVasseur, Aoléon The Martian Girl: First Contact (2015)
Brent LeVasseur, Aoléon The Martian Girl: The Luminess of Mars (2015)
Brent LeVasseur, Aoléon The Martian Girl: The Hollow Moon (2015)
Brent LeVasseur, Aoléon The Martian Girl: Illegal Aliens (2015)
Brent LeVasseur, Aoléon The Martian Girl: The Great Pyramid of Cydonia (2015)
Lois Leveen, Juliet’s Nurse (2014)
David Levithan, The Lover’s Dictionary (2011)
Déborah Lévy-Bertherat, The Travels of Daniel Ascher (2015)
C. S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters (1942)
Stephen R. Lloyd-Moffett, Beauty For Ashes (2009)
Jean-Pierre Longeat, Toi qui as soif de bonheur (2014)
M.L. Longworth, A Noël Killing (2019)
Karen Lord, The Best of All Possible Worlds (2013)
Rosanne E. Lortz, Road From the West: Book 1 of the Chronicles of Tancred (2011)
Olga Lossky, Toward The Endless Day: The Life of Elisabeth Behr-Sigel (2010)
Marie Belloc Lowndes, The Lodger (1913) audio
Brittany Lynch, My Preschool Workbook (2019)
Brittany Lynch, My First Grade Workbook (2019)
Molly Lynch, Logic Puzzles for Clever Kids (2020)

George MacDonald, Lilith (1895) audio
George MacDonald, The Princess and the Goblin (1872) audio
Helen MacDonald, Vesper Flights (2020) audio
Nancy MacLean, Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America (2017) audio
Kyo Maclear, Julia, Child  (2014) picture book
Matt Madden, 99 Ways to Tell a Story: Exercises in Style (2005) graphics
Naguib Mahfouz, Midaq Alley (1947)
Sarah Maine, The House Between Tides (2016)
Sarah Maine, Beyond the Wild River (2017)
Andreï Makine, L’Archipel d’une autre vie (2016)
Jean-Paul Malaval, The Wharf of Chartrons (2014)
George Maloney, The Mystic of Fire and Light: St Symeon the New Theologian (1975)
Thomas Maloney, The Sacred Combe (2016)
David Malouf, Remembering Babylon (1993)
Alberto Manguel, The Library At Night (2006)
Hilary Mantel, Wolf Hall (2009) audio
Hilary Mantel, Bring Up The Bodies (2012) audio
Hilary Mantel, The Mirror and the Light (2020)
Elle Marie, Chronicle of the Mound Builders (2012)
Carol Marine, Daily Painting (2014)
Kyriacos C. Markides, Inner River (2012)
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude (1967)
Elle Marr, The Missing Sister (2020)
Rick Marschall, Johann Sebastian Bach (2011)
Danielle Martin, The 30-Minute Ayurvedic Cookbook (2019)
Shoukei Matsumoto, A Monk’s Guide to a Clean House and Mind (2018)
Joseph Matthews, Everyone Has Their Reasons (2015)
Peter Maughan, The Cuckoos of Batch Magna (2012)
Guy de Maupassant, Le Horla (1887) audio, reread
Peter Mayle, The Marseille Caper (2011) audio
Alexander McCall Smith, The No.1 Ladies’s Detective Agency
Lise McClendon, The Girl in the Empty Dress (2014)
Lise McClendon, The Frenchman (2017)
Charlotte McConaghy, Migrations  (2020)
Mary Jo McConahay, Maya Roads (2011)
David McCullough, The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris: 1830-1900 (2011)
David McCullough, The Wright Brothers (2015) audio
Jake McDonald, Unicorns! (2019)
Sinclair McKay, Secret Agent Brainteasers (2019)
Kelly Anne Mclellan, The Vocabulary Workbook for 6th Grade (2020)
Frances McNamara, Death at the Fair (2009)
Frances McNamara, Death at the Paris Exposition (2016)
Herman Melville, Bartleby, the Scrivener (1853)
Anne Meredith, Portrait of a Murderer (1933)
Judith Miller, Germs: Biological Weapons And America’s Secret War (2002)
Hubert Mingarelli, Four Soldiers (2018)
Bernard Minier, La Vallée (2020)
Francesc Miralles, Love in lowercase (2010)
Yukio Mishima, The Sound of Waves (1954)
Teru Miyamoto, Inhabitation (1984)
Patrick Modiano, Suspended Sentences (2014) audio
Patrick Modiano, So You Don’t Get Lost in the Neighborhood (2015)
Patrick Modiano, Villa Triste (2016)
Patrick Modiano, Lacombe Lucien (2016)
Patrick Modiano, The Black Notebook (2016)
Patrick Modiano, Encre sympathique (2019)
J. R. Moehringer, Sutton (2012) audio
Frédérique Molay, Crossing The Line (2014)
Frédérique Molay, The City of Blood (2015)
Jan Moran, The Scent of Triumph (2012)
Michelle Moran, Cleopatra’s Daughter (2009)
Michelle Moran, Madame Tussaud: A Novel of the French Revolution (2011)
Michelle Moran, The Second Empress (2012)
Ann Morgan, The World Between Two Covers (2015)
Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus (2011) audio
Christopher Morley, Parnassus on Wheels (1917) audio
Christopher Morley, The Haunted Bookshop (1918) audio
Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye (1970)
Kate Mosse, Citadel (2014)
Kate Morton, The House at Riverton (2007)
Kate Morton, The Forgotten Garden (2008) audio
Kate Morton, The Distant Hours (2010)
Kate Morton, The Secret Keeper (2012)
Kate Morton, The Lake House (2015)
Kate Morton, The Clockmaker’s Daughter (2018)
Walter Mosley, The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey (2010)
Walter Mosley, The Man In My Basement (2004)
Haruki Murakami, Sputnik Sweetheart (1999)
Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood (2000)
Haruki Murakami, 1Q84 (2011)
Haruki Murakami, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage (2014)
Haruki Murakami, The Strange Library (2014)
Haruki Murakami, Men Without Women (2014)
Haruki Murakami, Killing Commendatore (2018)
Jim Murphy, Blizzard: The Storm That Changed America (2000) audio
Guillaume Musso, The Reunion (2019)

Fuminori Nakamura, The Thief (2012)
John Ndembwike, Tanzania: The Land And Its People (2006)
Pablo Neruda, Cien sonetos de amor: 100 Love Sonnets (1959)
Sylvain Neuvel, Sleeping Giants (2016)
Sylvain Neuvel, Waking Gods (2017)
Sharan Newman, Strong As Death (1996)
Celeste Ng, Everything I Never Told You (2014) audio
Cao Ngoc Phuong (Sister Chan Khong), Learning True Love: How I Learned and Practiced Social Change in Vietnam (1993)
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Half Of A Yellow Sun (2006)
Alyona Nickelsen, Colored Pencil: Painting Portraits (2017)
Audrey Niffenegger, The Night Bookmobile (2010)
Trevor Noah, Born a Crime (2016)
Amélie Nothomb, Hygiène de l’assassin (1992)
Amélie Nothomb, Tokyo Fiancée (2007)

Timothy O’Brien, The Lincoln Conspiracy (2012)
Maryanne O’Hara, Cascade (2012)
Yoko Ogawa, The Housekeeper and The Professor (2009)
Yoko Ogawa, The Memory Police (2019)
kakuzo Okakura, The Book of Tea (1906)
Nnedi Okorafor, Binti (2015)
Nnedi Okorafor, Binti: Home (2017)
Nnedi Okorafor, Binti: The Night Masquerade (2018)
Mary Oliver, Upstream: Selected Essays (2016)
M. A. Orthofer, The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction (2016)

Katherine Hall Page, The Body in the Casket (2017)
Gigi Pandian, Michelangelo’s Ghost (2016)
Richard Parker, Scare Me (2013)
Jean-François Parot, The Man With The Lead Stomach (2014)
Jean-François Parot, The Phantom of Rue Royale (2014)
S. J. Parris, Heresy (2010) audio
S. J. Parris, Prophecy (2011) audio
S.J. Parris, Sacrilege (2012) audio
S.J. Parris, Treachery (2019)
Brad Thomas Parsons, Amaro: The Spirited World of Bittersweet, Herbal Liqueurs with Cocktails, Recipes, and Formulas (2016)
Ann Patchett, Bel Canto (2007) audio
Ann Patchett, State of Wonder (2011)
Ann Patchett, Commonwealth (2016)
Phaedra Patrick, The Library of Lost and Found (2019)
Chris Pavone, The Travelers (2016)
James R. Payton, Light from the Christian East: An Introduction to the Orthodox Tradition (2007)
Octavio Paz, Itinerary (1995)
B. N. Peacock, A Tainted Dawn (2012)
William Peak, The Oblate’s Confession (2014)
Louise Penny, Still Life
Louise Penny, A Better Man (2019)
Louise Penny, The Madness of Crowds (2021)
Otto Penzler (ed.), Christmas at the Mysterious Bookshop (2010)
Georges Perec, La Disparition, Les Revenentes et autres lipogrammes (1972)
Kathleen C. Perrin, The Keys of the Watchmen (2014)
Kathleen C. Perrin, The Sword of the Maiden (2015)
Kathleen C. Perrin, The Secret of the Abbey (2017)
Michael Perry, Visiting Tom: A Man, a Highway, and the Road to Roughneck Grace (2012)
Leo Perutz, The Swedish Cavalier (1936)
Gilles Pétel, Under the Channel (2014)
Donald Michael Platt, House of Rocamora (2012)
John Pollack, The Pun Also Rises (2011)
Lucy Pollard-Gott, The Fictional 100 (2010)
Marion Poschmann, The Pine Islands (2019)
Ellen Potter, The Humming Room (2012)
Marcel Proust, Du côté de chez Swann (1913)
Marcel Proust, A l’ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs (1918)
Marcel Proust, Le côté de Guermantes (1920)
Marcel Proust, Sodome et Gomorrhe
Mark Pryor, The Bookseller (2012)
Mark Pryor, The Crypt Thief (2013)
Mark Pryor, The Paris Librarian (2016)
Mark Pryor, The Sorbonne Affair (2017)
Mark Pryor, The Book Artist (2019)
Mark Pryor, The French Widow (2020)
Pascale Pujol, Little Culinary Triumphs (2018)
Thomas Pynchon, The Crying of Lot 49 (1965)

Shelley Rael, The One-Pot Weight Loss Plan (2019)
Alexis Ragougneau, The Madonna of Notre Dame (2016)
Edogawa Rampo, The Black Lizard / Beast in the Shadows (1934 and 1928)
Helen Rappaport, The Romanov Sisters (2014)
Matt Rees, Mozart’s Last Aria (2011)
Shelly Rees, The English Grammar Workbook for Grades 3, 4, and 5 (2020)
Tom Reiss, The Black Count(2012)
Kim Rendfeld, The Cross And The Dragon (2012)
Kim Rendfeld, The Ashes of Heaven’s Pillar (2014)
Yasmina Reza, Le dieu du carnage (2007)
Jill Richardson, Ocean Life (2020)
Trisha Riché, Creativity For Kids (2020)
Ann Richmond Fisher, Word Detective – Grade 2 (2019)
Ann Richmond Fisher, Word Detective – Grade 3 (2020)
Jane Riddell, Chergui’s Child (2015)
Lucinda Riley, The Lavender Garden (2013)
Angela Rizza, Figure Drawing for Kids (2020)
Amanda Roberts, Murder in the Forbidden City (2016)
M. J. Rose, Seduction (2013)
M.J. Rose, The Collector of Dying Breaths (2014)
M.J. Rose, The Witch of Painted Sorrows (2015)
William Roy (and Sylvain Dorange),  Hedy Lamarr, An Incredible Life (2018) GN
Jean-Christophe Rufin, Le collier rouge (2015) FR
Salman Rushdie, Quichotte (2019)
Salman Rushdie, Languages of Truth: Essays 2003-2020 (2021)
Mary Doria Russell, Doc (2011)
Mary Doria Russell, Dreamers of the Day (2008) audio

Michael Saint James, Bridges of Paris (2015)
Tetsu Saiwai, The 14th Dalai Lama: A Manga Biography (2008)
J. D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye (1951)
Daniel Salmieri, Bear and Wolf  (2018)
Patricia Sands, The Promise of Provence (2013)
Nina Sankovitch, Tolstoy and the Purple Chair (2011)
C. J. Sansom, Dissolution (2004)
José Saramago, Blindness (1995)
Judith Schalanski, The Giraffe’s Neck (2014)
Sophie Schiller, Race to Tibet (2015)
Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Oscar et la dame rose (1996)
Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran (2001)
Gretchen Schultz & Lewis Seifert (editors), Fairy Tales for the Disillusioned (2016)
Samanta Schweblin, Mouthful of Birds (2019)
Elaine Sciolino, The Only Street in Paris (2016)
Katya Seberson, New SAT Vocabulary Workbook (2020)
David Sedaris, Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls (2013)
David Sedaris, Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk (2010) audio
Samira Sedira, People Like Them (2021)
Annemarie Selinko, Désirée (1951) audio
Brian Selznick, The Invention of Hugo Cabret (2007)
Brian Selznick, Wonderstruck (2011)
Brian Selznick, Baby Monkey, Private Eye (2018) picture book
Anthony Shadid, House of Stone (2012)
Tahir Shah, Timbuctoo (2012)
William Shakespeare, Antony And Cleopatra (1623)
William Shakespeare, Henry V (1599)
William Shakespeare, Macbeth (1605)
William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1596)
William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing (1599)
William Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew (1590)
B. A. Shapiro, The Muralist (2015)
Mary Sharratt, Illuminations (2012)
Susan H. Shetterly, Settled in the Wild (2010)
Shesaku Endo, Five by Endo (2000)
Iikhon Shevkunov, Everyday Saints and Other Stories (2011)
Masaoka Shiki, Selected Poems (1902)
Randall Silvis, Two Days Gone (2017)
Randall Silvis, Walking the Bones (2018)
Randall Silvis, A Long Way Down (2019)
Randall Silvis, No Woods So Dark as These (2020)
Randall Silvis, When All Light Fails (2021)
Georges Simenon, Pietr-le-Letton – Maigret #1 (1931)
Georges Simenon, Le charretier de la Providence – Maigret #2 (1931)
Georges Simenon, Monsieur Gallet, décédé – Maigret #3 (1931)
Georges Simenon, Le Pendu de Saint-Pholien – Maigret #4 (1931)
Georges Simenon, La nuit du carrefourMaigret #7 (1931)
Georges Simenon, Un crime en Hollande – Maigret #8 (1931)
Anne-Marie Simons, Taking Root In Provence (2011)
Douglas R. Skopp, Shadows Walking (2010)
Robin Sloan, Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore (2012)
Robin Sloan, Sourdough (2017)
Ali Smith, There But For The  (2011) audio
April Smith, A Star For Mrs. Blake (2014)
Cristina & Rick Smith, The Toughest Sudoku Puzzle Book (2020)
Timothy Snyder, On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century (2017)
Hwang Sok-Yong, At Dusk (2018)
Hilda Solares, Essential Keto Bread (2019)
Natsume Soseki, Botchan (1906)
Natsume Soseki, Sanshiro (1908)
Natsume Soseki, And Then (1909)
Natsume Soseki, The Gate (1910)
Natsume Soseki, Light and Dark (1916)
Eva Stachniak, The Winter Palace (2012)
Dumitru Staniloae, Orthodox Spirituality (2003)
Helen Stapinski, Five-Finger Discount: A Crooked Family History (2002)
Mel Starr, The Unquiet Bones (2014)
Hilary Statum, Solar System for Kids (2020)
Catherine Steadman, Something in the Water (2018)
John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men (1937)
Gregory Sterner, Solving Cadence Moore (2017)
Bradley G. Stevens, The Ship, the Saint, and the Sailor (2018)
Sara Stridsberg, Valerie (2019)
Vivian Swift, Le Road Trip (2012)
Symeon the New Theologian, Hymns of Divine Love (1976)
Ania Szado, Studio Saint-Ex (2013)

Niko Tackian, Avalanche hôtel (2019) audio
Jun’ichirō Tanizaki, Demons in Daylight / Dans l’œil du démon (1918)
Jun’ichirō Tanizaki, Some Prefer Nettles (1928)
Jun’ichirō Tanizaki, In Praise of Shadows (1933)
Jun’ichirō Tanizaki, A Cat, a Man, and Two Women (1936)
Kazuto Tatsuta, Ichi-F: A Worker’s Graphic Memoir of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, by Kazuto Tatsuta (2017)
Bob Pepperman Taylor, Lessons From Walden: Thoreau and the Crisis of American Democracy (2020)
Chad Taylor, Departure Lounge (2006)
Rodika Tchi, Feng Shui for Healing (2019)
Shayna Telesmanic, The Healthy Breakfast Cookbook (2020)
Sylvain Tesson, The Consolations of the Forest (2013)
Sylvain Tesson, Berezina (2015)
Sylvain Tesson, La Panthère des neiges (2019)
Jean Teulé, The Hurlyburly’s Husband (2014)
Jean Teulé, The Suicide Shop (2013)
Thaddeus of Vitovnica, Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives (2009)
Paul Theroux, The Great railway Bazaar (1975)
Anne-Laure Thiéblemont, The Collector (2015)
Frack Thilliez, Sharko (2017)
Amy Thomas, Paris My Sweet (2012)
Sam Thomas, The Midwife’s Tale (2013)
Sam Thomas, The Harlot’s Tale (2014)
Karen Thompson Walker, The Age of Miracles (2012)
Hannah Tinti, The Good Thief (2008)
M. K. Tod, Unravelled (2013)
M. K.Tod, Lies Told in Silence (2014)
M. K. Tod, Time and Regret (2016)
Masako Togawa, The Master Key (1962/2018)
Masako Togawa, The Lady Killer (1963/2018)
Olga Tokarczuk, Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead (2018)
Leo Tolstoy, The Death of Ivan Ilych (1886)
Claire Tomalin, Charles Dickens: A Life (2011)
David Tomlins, Introducing Benedict’s Rule (2007)
Tomas Tranströmer, The Half-Finished Heaven (1962)
Lucy Treloar, Salt Creek (2017)
Lynne Truss, Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation (2006)
Lynne Truss, The Man That Got Away (2019)
Barbara W. Tuchman, A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century (1978)
Hervé Tullet, Press Here (2011) picture book
Steve Turner, The band That Played On: The Extraordinary of the 8 Musicians Who Went Down With the Titanic (2011)
Mark Twain, Graphic Classics, vol. 8: Mark Twain (2007)
Mark Twain, Who Is Mark Twain? (2009)
Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad (1869)

Thrity Umrigar, The Weight of Heaven (2009)
Kim Un-Su, The Plotters (2019)

Simon Van Booy, Everything Beautiful Began After (2011)
Bob Van Laerhoven, Baudelaire’s Revenge (2014)
Fred Van Lente, Action Philosophers 1 (2006)
Fred Van Lente, Action Philosophers 2 (2006)
Keith Van Sickle, One Sip at a Time: Learning to Live in Provence (2017)
Keith Van Sickle, Are We French Yet? Keith & Val’s Adventures in Provence (2018)
Peter and Charlotte Vardy, God Matters (2013)
Antonin Varenne, Bed of Nails (2014)
Fred Vargas, Pars vite et reviens tard (2001) FR
Mario Vargas Llosa, The Storyteller (1987/2001)
Juan Gabriel Vásquez, The Shape of the Ruins (2018)
Samantha Vérant, Seven Letters From Paris (2014)
Abraham Verghese, Cutting For Stone (2009) audio
Caroline Vermalle, George’s Grand Tour (2015)
Timur Vermes, Look Who’s Back (2015)
Shari Vester, Degrees of Courage (2012)
Salley Vickers, The Cleaner of Chartres (2013) audio
Emma Viskic, Resurrection Bay (2018)
Hierotheos Vlachos, St Gregory Palamas As A Hagiorite (2000)
James Vlahos, Talk to Me: How Voice Computing Will Transform the Way We Live, Work, and Think (2019)
Christine Evelyn Volker, Venetian Blood (2017)
Malve von Hassell, Alina: A Song for the Telling (2020)

Martin Walker, Bruno and the Carol Singers (2012)
Wendy Walker, All Is Not Forgotten (2016)
Wendy Walker, Emma in the Night (2017)
Wendy Walker, The Night Before (2019)
Wendy Walker, Don’t Look For Me (2020)
Don Wallace, The French House (2014)
Jo Walton, Or What You Will (2020)
Ruth Ware, The Woman in Cabin 10 (2016)
S.J. Watson, Before I Go To Sleep (2011) audio
Heather Webb, Becoming Josephine (2013)
Heather Webb, Rodin’s Lover (2015)
Andy Weir, The Martian (2014)
Andy Weir, Artemis (2017)
Andy Weir, Project Hail Mary (2021)
Will Weisser, Ankaran Immersion (2017)
H. G. Wells, The Invisible Man (1897) audio
L. D. Wenzel, Caught in the Winds (2010)
Zia Wesley, The French Sultana (2014)
Bruce Wetterau, The Girl Behind the Wall (2020)
Edith Wharton, The Touchstone (1900)
Alana White, The Sign of the Weeping Virgin (2012)
E. B. White, Charlotte’s Web (1952)
E. B. White, The Trumpet of the Swan (1970)
Patrick White, The Tree of Man (1955)
Tommy Wieringa, The Death of Murat Idrissi (2019)
David Wiesner, Flotsam (2006)
Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest (1894)
Thornton Wilder, The Bridge of San Luis Rey (1927)
Damien Wilkins, Max Gate (2016)
Simon Winchester, Atlantic (2010) audio
Dawn Wink, Meadowlark (2013)
Emily Winslow,  Look For Her (2018)
Jacqueline Winspear, Leaving Everything Most Loved (2013)
P. G. Wodehouse, Company For Henry (1967)
P. G. Wodehouse, Do Butlers Burgle Banks? (1968)
Jacqueline Woodson, Brown Girl Dreaming (2014)
Bob Woodward, Fear: Trump in the White House (2018)
Angela Wren, Messandrierre (2015)
Angela Wren, Merle (2017)

Can Xue, The Last Lover (2014)
Can Xue, Love in the New Millennium (2018)

Dmitry Yakhovsky, The Shadow of the Cross (2016)
Mingmei Yip, The Nine Fold Heaven (2013)
Seishi Yokomizo, Le Village aux huit tombes (1949/1999)
Seishi Yokomizo, The Inugami Curse (1972/2020)
Banana Yoshimoto, The Lake (2005)
Banana Yoshimoto, NP (1990)
Kim Young-Ha, Diary of a Murderer (2019)

Jess Zafarris, Once Upon a Word: A Word-Origin Dictionary for Kids (2020)
Jan Zalasiewicz, The Planet In A Pebble: A Journey in Earth’s Deep History (2010)
Evgeny Zamyatin, We (1921)
Jamie Zeppa, Beyond The Sky And The Earth (2000)
Alia Trabucco Zerán, The Remainder (2018)
Gabrielle, Zevin, The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry (2014) audio
Slavoj Zizek, Iraq: The Borrowed Kettle (2004)
John Zizioulas, Being As Communion (1985)
Edward P. Zovinka, Real Chemistry Experiments  (2019)

Various authors
The Essential Haiku: Versions of Basho, Buson, and Issa, ed. by Robert Hass (1994)
Hommage à l’Archimandrite Starets Syméon (2012)
That’s Paris (2015)
A Very French Christmas (2017)

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